Foal-in-A-Box ( Gal-with-pastels)

( Feel free to either add onto this or how the Foal-in-a-box is prepped )

Tired of the Basic foal in a can, Want more Surprise when Getting your Fluffy companion?

Introducing Hasbio’s Foal-in-a-box! Inspired by the Notorious mystery box craze! Now Available in a fluffmart near you!

Just peel off the Black Film on the lid of the box and to get a better look at what you get! Coming in the 4 Basic fluffy types, But now including the surprise of what age the foal it is! can range from Chirpy baby, To a Foal , Or a weanling! each foal comes in a variety of colors, Even including Bad colors for owners that don’t mind.

The inside of the box contains Soundproof walls covered in Fluffy fluff to make sure that both the foal is warm , as well as to muffle out Chirps! the milk and waste collector compartments are Big enough to last until the end of the weanling state. each foal is Accompanied by a hug toy with prerecorded dialogue to ensure the foal will not feel lonely.

Fluffmart staff should Replace Foal-in-a-box After 3 to 4 weeks as the product will be in the Adolescence stage.

Warning : Fluffmart and hasbio are not responsible for the product to end up as a smarty or toughie.


~See’s sound proof walls and imagines a lazy stocker scenario~

“Yes i’d like to return this…” They add pointing to a date on the box. “I missed the expiration date and the foal was dead when I checked the top.” Produces receipt.


It’s a box, it’s a box, it’s a foal in a box! Get it quick, get it now, before it drops like rocks! It’s a box, it’s a box, it’s a foal in a box~


was inspired heavily by Foal in a can for this.


True but you can see whether they’re alive/dead due to it being transparent.

But if you cant open the flap till after you buy it~ well you might end up in a dead foal scenario.

Ooh, I like it! I’d get one. That said, the stuffy toy is kind of a hazard, so it should be sown/zip-tied into the wall(loosely enough to free with scissors or a good yank). Having a voice box and all, it sounds heavy enough that it could fall on and crush a baby should the box get jostled during transport or anything.


perhaps velcro patched to the wall :slight_smile:

TWO teats, AND a stuffy friend?? These boxed foals are absolutely spoiled compared to their canned counterparts.


Depending on the materials~ this could actually double as a pretty dope planter.

ex: If the box was biodegradable and the foam padding surronding the poop dissolves over time, etc.

My guess though for that idea (since I doubt everything’s of ideal materials), you’d have to pull out the soundproof inner framing with its attached teats, catheter tubes, bag with/without remaining milk and pull off the top panel.

Then you’d just be left with a box with a carpet of shit. Then you’d pour in some planting soil. Keep the fluffy in if you really want to. :slight_smile:

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This is really a damn good idea.
I’m surprised it took so long for somebody to think it up.
Foals being blind they wouldnt notice or care that it’s dark in there.

Blindboxes with fluffies.
Collect all colors !

I’m sure less scrupulous fluffy sellers would sell them in smaller more cramped boxes
or more foals for a mark up
“instant fluffy family”


It’s sorta attached to the corner of the box . The Fecal and urine tubing will Stay inside the foal until they are removed from the box

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I wanted to make a little guide on the sad of the box to indicate what type of Foal And the gender of the foal depending on the Wall fluff and hug toy color.

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The fluff mart is responsible if the product ends ends up as a Smarty or toughie .


You said is NOT in the OP, but I like the idea that they are held responsible.
That way you can return one and trade it in for another blind box fluffie if possible.

i like your take on it

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I expect a leftover foal that reached adulthood inside one of these boxes to suffer from the effects of sensory deprivation or other neurological disorders from being left without proper contact to fellow fluffies and outside stimuli for so long.

Well they do change out Foals that have reached adolescence with new Foal-in-the-box baby’s. I like to think they are sent back to hasbio to become Reproducers.

I really like this idea!

thank you

Dude I would buy so many until I got like my favorite colors lol. No blue and red. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Close just blue. Bingo. Meanwhile like 25 of these would be headed for the land fill.