Foal'd Again! By WildeFaun

A jingle plays as the add starts.

Hello owner, have you ever heard this phrase?

Cut to a cute fluffy in a play room begging with large teary eyes. Pwease Daddeh fwuffy wan babbeh wan su bad!

The dreaded phase all owners hear the moment their little fluffy girl see adorable foals on television or in the real world. This is unavoidable for just about every fluff but with Foal’d Again, You can avoid neuter caused depression, running away, or spending a lot of money actually giving what she wants.

The screen shows a small plastic container with several small baby fluffy toys and a box of pills next to it.

Foal’d Again is a simple process starting with a strong constipation medication. As your fluffy starts to bloat, simply tell her that she has been gifted with tummy babies or go the extra mile and provide a fixed mate. As time goes on, give her the special laxatives in the day or two biggest poopies will occur.

The scene shows the mare defecating a massive amount onto the safe room floor.

At this point open up your container of Foal’d Again “new borns” inside you’ll find a variety of colored babies Submerged in a non-toxic slime to simulate after birth, simply pick these up from behind the mother and place them in front of her to start cleaning.

The scene shows the mare lick clean the babies crying about the taste.

Using our free phone app, you can start the chirpy babies actions to either chirp, defecate, wobble around, even start screaming. They have a tiny little mouth able to latch onto the nipple and simulate feeding.

A scene cuts to the mother crying to the babies to be gentle as they’re giving her milky place hurties.

The app also has a convenient to kill switch to simulate the babies dying in their sleep or to simulate the most excruciating death ever.

The scene shows the owner hitting a button on the app with a skull and crossbones. The chirpy babies begin to thrash scream loudly vomiting up the contents of their stomach and voiding their bowels as the mother watches in terror.

With this, the mother has now been proven to be a bad mother and she’ll likely never want to have babies again. Optionally there are additional add-ons to Foal’d Again to simulate the chirpies going on to the talkie stage and even up to be weaned if you really want her to have a happy motherhood before taking it all away.

The ad shows three large foal toys sitting around their mother as the owner uses the app to make them call her a dummy, say her milk is the worst , and they only want kibble and a new family now.

Foal’d Again is fun and convenient way to punish or provide a fluffy desiring motherhood exactly what they want. Alternatively, these can also just simply be toys for your children if you want a soft interactive facsimile that doesn’t require large amounts of equipment.

The scene shows several happy children using the phone app to make the tiny robotic foals wobbler around giggle and interact with each other.

Foal’d Again is a product of D’arc Corporations providing excellence in our field.


Wait why is it tagged image when its a test post?

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Damnit thank you. My mistake

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Sorry to point that out btw cuz first thought a image was struggling loading XD

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No need to be sorry. None at all. It was my mistake. I actually did accidentally hit post before I even finished the whole thing so that’s probably why it was still an image

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Also that product seems very useful… you could also hypothetically use it as a fluffy character test to test and see if a mare has BMS syndrome. It may require a couple extra steps tho… one of which is optional. The optional step is to get a fake stallion which could be spraying a large fluffy toy and giving it a small spritz of stallion pheromones, then use an object to simulate the enfing like a small rolling pin or cucumber etc etc. I say this is optional cuz you could avoid this step all together by telling the fluffy they eat a magic spaghetti or kibble that gives her babies. Now when i meant this can be used as a character test for a mare without any risks or expenses, you can perhaps buy a brown Foal’d Again toy or dye one using broen fluff dye. Then if she starts to show signs of BMS by neglecting or abusing the brown or any other fake foals you’ve now saved yourself alot of frustration, expenses and other resources to come to the realization you have a bad fluffy in your house.


Oh yes No I actually had a whole line about Foal’d Again oops all poopie babbeh or all alicorn. But I was worried I was making it too. Bloated, I’m very bad at going into way too much detail on things.


Ironically i have that issue… like im explaining and painting a picture XD


Ooh, I like this idea. Using this product to test how suited the mare is for motherhood would be a good scenario— if she does well, reveal that it was all a big “mummah test” with hoomin magic; and that it’s part of how good mothers get their babbehs the right way.

In general, I just think this whole concept is has great potential tbh. I really hope the Foal’d Again shows up in future stories/art.


Thanks glad you like my odd tangent of the product and and a BMS mare might probably get punished by being pillowed, sterilised, turned into an enfie mare, derped, or paralysed or simply given away etc depends on the owner.

Abusers could also do a strange parody of this by taking stray/feral or store-bought micros, derping them or removing their tongues and likely dying them brown or putting on fake wings or horns.


@3KindlyOnes too, exactly what I was thinking with my Twerp brown-alicorn Training Foal, but this is even more in depth~

Agreed: this is a great evolution of the trainer-toy concept @WildeFaun! Mind if I drew some up some ad-copy for this?

IF you decide to have D'arc Corp. go into production...

I also have a biomechanical “foal chassis” in the works, LoL~


Oooh fancy!!!

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If I was a shark I’d offer you a deal, what a fantastic pitch and presentation


I have a different modality of abuse in mind with this product.

After letting her care for the ‘babbehs’ for a few days, have two do the die in their sleep thing. The next day once the ‘mummah’ finds them ‘dead’ offer her the choice of sacrificing one of the other babbehs to bring back the two that died. if she doesn’t go for it, you can try telling her that a mummah who lets any of her babbehs die is a bad mummah, but that a mummah with two dead babbehs is much worse.

If she goes for the sacrifice option, make her choose which foal and give it a ‘magic pill’ (a tiny breath mint is perfect) and have it do the excruciating death before resetting the two that died in their sleep. After she’s had a few moments to embrace them, reset the one that just died and have the two that died in their sleep have the excruciating death display. Tell the mummah that since the foal she chose to sacrifice didn’t stay dead, the foals that died peacefully in their sleep are now dying in ultimate pain because she is such a terriable mother that not only did she choose to kill one of her foals, she couldn’t even do it right and now all three of them are going to have the worst death ever. But set the ‘foals’ to keep doing the painful death thing until you tell them to die

then tell her that you can stop them from dying if she sacrifices a different foal. If she goes for it, give it a magic pill and have the others be fine, the new sacrifice does the painful death thing, but then reset it and have the three ones who already died do the awful death thing again and tell her that she’s even worse than before because she keeps killing her babies and keeps screwing it up.

rinse and repeat with as many foal’d again units as you own


This site breeds such exquisite sadism