Foalout 4 – Sanctuary Hills – Chapter 27 – Lothmar

You got out of bed with a yawn as the morning light had inched its way over your head and forced you to consciousness. After a short morning routine of washing your face and brushing your teeth, you put on some clothes you didn’t mind getting dirty. You proceeded to polishing off the remnants of the fluffy stew as am omelet filler before proceeding to cook breakfast for the pets. You checked the fields and acquired some old flower blooms from plants that would soon shed them and leaves from crops that you’d pluck later today. You washed the greens and then made a large salad bowl out of them with some diced carrots leaves and all.

You then moved on to the cooking. Today you’d make a crisp Tato hashbrown and mix in a little finely chopped green onion and boiled glowing mushroom which would tend to stop glowing after boiling to remove the radiation. You flipped a coin and decided to cook the radscorpion egg scrambled instead of as omeletes and mixed the fluffy bits in with the salad so you only had one container in each arm.

Rounding the corner to the culdesac you pepped up with a~ “Good morning fluffies.” The robots had cleaned the fluffies bowls and refilled the water since last nights meal. Isaacs eye stalks were drooping indicating they were active as the stalks tended to lock in a different pattern when nonoperational. Their eye pods perked up slightly in response as they began to hover up and slowly proceed to you.

You served the fluffies their food, the newly mobile foals scuttled about here and there keeping themselves amused in anticipation of post meal milk. The Durum instructed Daisy to eat first and watched the foals for her while she ate.

The robot prodded you to gain your attention. “Daddeh, gib smawty Isaac good feews again?” The phrase suggested the attempts at ‘restraint’ but had the tone of a demand.

Daisy and Peaches whisper in a gossiping tone while Phanes laughs and Durum restrains himself from laughing but you can tell he wants to.

Confused you promptly drag Isaac away to talk. “Isaac you were doing so well, what happened?”

“Pwease, weight back… Need good feew Nao!” Their attitude was bouncing back and fourth and you could tell they immediately regretted the demanding outburst if only for a moment. “Nu wike…”

It was fascinating to say the least. Despite the act of taking the medicine would end up putting it back to sleep ; because it made the fluffy as a whole feel better the smarty portion of the personality desired, nay demanded it… You began to ponder if someone could become addicted to anti addiction medicine. Now that would be a medical journal you’d enjoy reading.

“Since this is a treatment I’ll forgive your outburst this once.” You add getting out the container from the other night. “I’ll want to begin monitoring your reaction to fixer though but for now I’ll give you a dose each morning before I feed the fluffies so you can be at your best for attending to them. Is that fair?”

“Yesyesyes~” The Handy robobrain combo practically vibrated in anticipation. You sighed and opened the hatch and deposited the pill that fizzed and brought about almost immediate relief. Isaac stopped floating and their eye stalked drooped in relief.

“Fank’ou daddeh… Soooo~ much bettah.” Their eye stalks promptly raise up along with their body as they feel revitalized.
“Shall we?” You add gesturing back to the corner.

“Isaac back fwiends~” The handy adds rounding the corner ahead of you.

“So isaac~” Phanes snickers before continuing. “Did daddeh gib you gud feews again?”

“Oh yes, bestest feews.” A series of giggles erupt from most of the adults while Phanes falls over belly laughing.

“Isaac you may want to st~” But it was too late as Isaac continued to jam his non existent hoof further into their mouth.

“Wha’ so funny abou’ daddeh gibbing Isaac good feews?” Everyone was laughing now, the chripies were cheeping and peeping and the foals were giggling along from social prescident despite not understanding.

“Ok ok~” You add clapping a few times to signal for calm. “that’s enough. Daddy is giving Isaac medicine so that he’s not so mean and it makes them happier. So it feels good. Understand?”

“Wha dey tink Isaac mea~ Ewwww!” The previously calmed fluffies were rolling in laughter once again and you couldn’t blame them. Even you began laughing a little.

“Not you too daddeh~” Isaac added before laughing at the situation themselves. No smarty would laugh at themselves when mocked in such a manner, this treatment seemed to be helpful. The laughter calmed and turned from them laughing at Isaac to laughing with Isaac about the situation and you could tell that this went a long way to establishing a relationship with those that remembered the bad things the previous smarty had tried to do.

‘Its gonna be a good day.’ You thought to yourself.


Well now, seems like fluffies has more dirty minds than one would think. Almost as if these ones had reached the mental equivalent of a hormonial teenager á la Beavis and Butthead. :laughing:

… oh no… now I can’t unthink the fluffy equivalent of Beavis and Butthead. Wouldn’t surprise me if we find a pair like them somewhere in the Commonwealth entertaining less than stellar examples of the human race. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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