Foalout 4 – Sanctuary Hills – Chapter 29 - Lothmar

“I was hoping to convince you to pay me a little more then we shelled out to the hunters who brought in this bounty cause transport was difficult.” Mitch added pulling the cover off the large cage on one of the sides. Inside were a pair of large green fluffies… Wait, very large and green.

“Super mutants?” You add pretending to be confused and feigning ignorance. ‘Just like I thought. The dormant FEV can potentially reactivate with the correct stimuli. The institute will want samples.’

“DUM-me Hue-Man! Wet ou’~” One added pushing against the bards before the other hoofed them in the face. “Shad-up dum dum. Too woud!” The other replied and they went back and fourth feeding on each others aggressive energy as they rough housed in the cage.

“Yeah I can imagine. Fifty per adult, so one hundred base… Twenty five per for cage rental?” You say proposing 150.

“I was gonna say at least triple base price since super mutants attract each other.” Mitch responded haggling hard.

“Doesn’t look like you hired additional protection~” You add as if to try and justify the expense.

“Well yeah but~” Mitch responded before you interrupted.

“Were you actually attacked by supermutants and have to use any bullets or extra supplies?” you banter further.

“Luckily no…”

“Then I hope you’ll settle for two hundred for the extra feed and patience.” You say producing a stash box from under the bar stand the handy manned for complimentary drinks to hard working traders. Mitch pauses reluctantly for a moment as you shake the caps a bit as if to entice him.


“Pleasure doing business with you.” You add handing them the container. “There’s an advance in there. Feel free to use it to hire escorts if you’ve got any more unique specimens like these so we can skip a bit of the song and dance next time.” You add moving to help him detach the cage and lower it to the ground.
The super mutant fluffies had continued to argue and fight the entire time in the background.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll take my break at red rocket. I’ve had enough of these two. Good luck with, whatever this is.” They add waving goodbye as they haul their brahmin out the front gate.

You stretch out in preparation before opening the cage door.

“Allright listen up, im your owner now.” You add preparing your stance to throw down to prove it.

“Fwuffy nu wisten to weak hooo-man!” The first circled left.

“Toughie cwush dummeh daddeh.” The second circled right. They both eventually rushed in. You side stepped one and jumped over and onto the other as you gripped them from above and then tossed them sideways like hurling a log at the other.

“Dum’dum! Why huwt toughie! We fight Hu—man!”

“Bruddah dah Dum dum, Dum dum!” They add pushing off each other aggressively before moving back into the fray.

You do your best to gauge their actual pain tolerance and power. It seemed some of the fluffy restraints were till in tact, they weren’t as strong as a mutant hound but you’re not sure if this is the full extent of their ability either. Compared to using the force needed to fight a toddler in the case of regular fluffies you had to ‘fight’ as if they were a young teen or preteen human. Which kind of made you feel bad as you pictured yourself fighting what you imagined Shaun to look like as a toddler and a preteen for some reason.

“Allright that’s enough.” You add finally add ducking low and sweeping your arms under them to pick them up by the chest and then flip them over as you push them down from above and pin them to the grass with a minor slam.

“So I’d prefer to keep at least one of you as my toughie to protect my herd.” You add hoping you were using their terminology correctly. “Do either one of you want to go back to the institute?”

“Ou’ stwong, Toughie fowwow.” One added acknowledging their owners superior strength.

“Fwuffy membah institute. Wan gib sowwy hoofies to meanie facewess humans!” The other added struggling against your hand believing their new power actually made them strong enough to exact some kind of revenge. You let the toughie who had submitted up and move to place the annoying one into the cage that had been left behind before closing and pegging it. You then tossed a relay grenade to summon a synth.

A Gen 2 appeared. “Bring this one to retention, let them know director johnson is requesting it to be expedited to bio science for research.”

“Acknowledged.” The synth adds stepping over to the cage and lifting it in the air with both arms before vanishing.

“As for you.” You add turning around to notice the super mutant fluffy was already sniffing at the alcohol stand.

“Complimentary beverage sir?” The handy addressed.

“Uhh-yes?” The handy puts a glass on the ground and pours some deezers lemonaid. You imagined covenant had figured out some mixture of citric acids and artificial flavors to replicate the lemon flavor since you’d never found a lemon tree or remnants of lemons anywhere near or on Covenant grounds. You didn’t drink it but others seemed to like it.

The toughie sniffed before they lapped a little cautiously at first.“MMMmm! Toughie wike!” They proceeded to polish the glass and knock it over.

You eye their long flowing mane and muscles for a moment in contemplation. It was a toss up in your mind so you flipped a coin. Heads, Hulk it is. “Toughie. Your name is Hulk now. Follow me.”

“Toughie name am Huwk!?” They add having trouble controlling the volume of their voice. “Sound stwong. Toughie WIKE!” They add plodding along behind promptly keeping up with you to the point you didn’t have to slow your pace much to allow them to keep up like with the normal fluffies. You stop by one of the houses that had outfit displays inside and you visit one in particular. You open it up removing part of the content.
You equip Hulk with the Grognak Loin cloth. Sadly you couldn’t fit them with the gloves or boots but you could make them some leather bracers later. “Never had a good model for my grognak costume. Looking good Hulk.”

“Huwk nu-kno abou’ human fwuff…” They add trying to lean sideways to see how they look in it but their muscles were too pronounced to get a good look.

“If you still don’t like it at the end of the day you don’t need to keep wearing it. Now lets go meet the other fluffies.”

Hulk sniffed the air as you said this. “. . .Nyu, FWIENDS!?” Uh-oh.

Hulk was off like a shot having caught the scent of other fluffies. You dropped the boots and gloves in a panic and nearly trip losing time as Hulk gets a decent lead. You round the corner too late to see an excited Hulk unintentionally terrorizing your fluffies.

A chorus of “Scree~” and “MONSTAH WUN!” from the unprepared fluffies as well as a couple squirts of scaredy poopies from the foals and adults alike. The mares gather the foals into the tree while Phanes and Durum square off to defend their families from the approaching monster.

“Where Cato? BAbbeh!” Peaches adds noticing Cato Sicarius had rushed off from the gathering to go and defend the herd along with the adults.

“Haa-haa, nyu fwiends wan pway?” Hulk adds approaching closer to the Fluffies ready to fight and they are surprised as Cato rushes between them to get first impact as they rear up start front hoofing the super mutant fluffy in the chest.

“Cato Sicawius make munstah go’way~”

“Haa-haa, Huwk wike fighty baby~” They add lowering their head and knocking them on their side with a mild bump.

“Daddeh~ Sabe Cato Sicawius!” Phanes rushed in first to try and push the creature back by slamming into their neck and shoulders followed by Durum.

Peaches held back her foals and while concerned for her childs well being a bit of appreciation for Phanes prompt attempt at rescue and their response to the foals cry of ‘daddeh’ ignited a fire in her. If they survived the monster attack she’d ask him for sure.

“Yoink~” You add plucking up the foal from the scuffle before they were crushed by the melee. “That was close.”
They uncover their eyes they had their hooves over. “Cato Sicawius no huwt?”

“Not yet bud.” You add placing the foal into the tree before returning to the rough housing fluffies. By the time you turn around again though hulk was already laying on top of the two other stallions and laughing. “Fwiends dun?” They add disappointed as they had expectations of being thrown off by now having fought with their brother the last couple of days.
“Hulk, get up. The other fluffies aren’t as strong as you. You’ll have to get used to that when sparring.” You add picking them up by the costume belt since they didn’t have loose neck skin to grasp. “You two okay?”

“Few bwuises, but fwuffy be o’tay.”
“Daddeh sabe fwuffies from munstah fwuffy?”

“Yes and no. This is daddehs new fluffy, Hulk. They might be really big and strong, but they’re not a monster. I know It’s a little scary but deep down they’re a fluffy like the rest of you.” You add setting down hulk who goes into a sitting position thumping their tail on the ground.

“Hulk these are my fluffies.” You proceed to continue to introductions.

‘I hope im not making a mistake.’ You add thinking in general but at the same time really hoping this doesn’t become a worst case where all his fluffies evolve into super mutants somehow.


Super mutant fluffies. I should have seen that coming. How did I miss that? :no_mouth:

Oh gods… my first thought was not mercenaries or caravan guards. :joy:


o.~ The settlements called ‘Red Rocket’ for a reason.