Foalout 4 - Sanctuary Hills Chapter 9 - Lothmar (updated)

The operation was touch and go initially but thankfully the Smarties brain was in-tact and relatively undamaged save for some scarring around the synth component in the brain. You transferred the brain to the freshly fabricated robobrain casing after ensuring the preservative and life sustaining fluid was not expired. Right now it was merely a life support fish tank with a speaker he could flip on and off as he so choose.

“Well it looks like I wont be needing the spare right away since this one survived the transfer.” You add with a sigh as you proceed to the sink to wash your hands. The fluffy had quickly finished the offered food, took a panic shit where designated and then tried to hide its eyes and cradle its ears to shut out the body horror before it.

As your eyes focused on it you could feel the creature shiver as if it knew It was being watched and yet prayed their ‘hiding’ rendered them unseen. You walked back over to the wall where the remains had been gathered. There was one general pile of what you felt were ‘unusable parts’ that mounded like a thick slurry momentarily until you pulled out a laser and atomized the waste for easier clean up. The fluffy clenched in fright and pulled the rag over its head harder as it released a slight ‘tooot’.

The remainder of the preservation fluid had been used to create a series of ‘spare parts’ tanks for the organs with blood type and other general labels. Meanwhile limbs and external parts were wrapped, labeled and vacuum packed into the freezer. He might use them as replacements, or he might try and cook some up later.

You close a box with the in-tact and damaged synth components that had been salvaged from the bodies. You might turn them in for review at the institute after he took a peak himself. You set it down on the shelf and sit in your chair as you spin towards the hiding fluffy. “You’re in luck, you wont be losing body privileges today.”

“Dat can Happun!?” The fluffy says in a panic as it lifts its still covered head up in the air.

“Well if you don’t believe me, how about we ask your last smarty?” You say plucking the rag off their head before flipping a switch on the brain tank.

There is a warm crackle for a moment as the voice module booted up. “Smawty, dat’chu?”

It started low… “screeee~” and then it started to grow. “REEEEEEEEEEEE!”

The unnamed toughie immediately ran under the bench and cowered.

“Oy, that’s enough of that.” You add with reset press of the voice module. “Have you calmed yourself now?”

“Who dis? why dawk!? nu wike. Nu can mobe weggies. Nu can feew. Weggies.”

“You can call me Director Johnson. As for everything else, im afraid you’ve lost your body privileges. Im allowing you the use of a voice and hearing to comprehend this though.”

“No, gib back smawties body nao! ow~”

“Or what my good smarty? You have no limbs to strike me. You have no poop to squirt and I can leave you unable to hear or speak if I so choose so don’t push your luck.” You added pressing a red button on the frame. This feature was there to help shock the brain for medical purposes but could also be used as a sort of punishment.

“Owies! How gib owwies tu smawty when nu smawty!?”

“Oh you still very much exist but that existence entirely depends on my goodwill. Therefor whether you ever earn a new body again will depend entirely on me and my fluffies. For now though, I’ll restore a few things you’ll need to be useful.” You add switching the voice off and moving it back to the robot assembler.

You had been programming the IS series for some time so you had a beta framework to work from with a few minor tweaks. The fluffy under the bench eventually got bored by the time you had finished the initial rewrite of what you uploaded off Holotape and was now watching curiously. “Wha Mistah do to smawty now?”

“Well~ hmm… Calling you fluffy wont do. Your name is Phanes now, acceptable?” You added remembering the name of an Electrum currency.

“Phanes? No sound bad,” The toughie added as if wanting to say it sounded weird but wanted to be polite. “O’tay.”

“Thank you for humoring me.” You add with a chuckle. “The smartie’s brain is going to be used to operate a robot. With simple commands the body can be removed from the smarties control and the robot will instead use the smarties brain as a processor to perform general operations.” As you said this a spherical frame similar to a mr handy with a lifting panel so the brain could be exposed to view or not was used to encase the brain tank.

“Is wobot wike metaw wady dat put Phanes in sowwy box?” Phanes added curiously remembering the indignancy of being upside down.

“Very observant of you. Yes, the unit will be somewhat like nanny since it’s purpose will be to serve the members of my fluffy community. Thus putting the smarty through various actions to humble them.”

“Wike gibbing wickie cweanies to poopie pwace?”

You took your hands away from the keyboard as the eyes attached and you had a good chuckle in your chair. “Sort of Phanes.” After finally calming yourself and wiping your eye you paused. “Here’s hoping I never have to make more then one of these.” You add with a reassuring pat to Phanes as if to subtly hint ‘hey this can happen to you’.

Phanes reaction went from content to worry promptly making you think they understood the warning properly. “Ok phanes, what do you think would be something fluffies could say if they don’t want to deal with the smarty?” You added as you proceeded to key in command phrases as the legs and locomotion were being installed.

“Uhmmm… How bout… Bad smawty go away!”

“Simple but to the point.” You added clacking on the keyboard. “I think we’re just about done.” You added having a stencil painted on the side.


“The robots name is Isaac.” You add with a smirk. The IS series was mildly repugnant if you were against issues like slavery. It was primarily why you hadn’t tried implementing them widely in the commonwealth. Admittedly you had access to the cryogenic facilities you would need to preserve the bodies for potential future reimplantation of the brain after they had served their sentence if a parole board felt they had been properly rehabilitated. Though honestly if you were going to do something like this you’d prefer to use it on those given the death sentence and then force the brains to provide community service to repay their debt to society. Albeit you also realized long ago that dependent on those in power such a program could easily be abused and you had let it serve as a check against your ambitions for a better commonwealth.

“Lets turn it on and see if it works.” You add hitting the enter key and stepping back from the assembler as IS4C hovered slowly out.

( Indentured Servitude 4 Community )

“Smarty. Clean up this mess.” You say while pointing to the area stained with blood, fur and disintegrated particulate.

“Nnnn~ smawty nu wan’…” The unit said slowly hovering in the direction of the assigned task.
“It’ll be a lot easier if you go along with Isaacs impulses. In time you’ll come to learn the joy that comes from serving your fellow man~ er fluffy.” The lone survivor added amusedly watching one eye stalk stayed focused on him while the other two examined the mess and attempted to figure out what order to tackle the task in.

You watch as the robot swears like an angry toddler, first sweeping up the particulate with an available broom and dustpan before pouring it into a bin. It then proceeds to attempt and hose off the blood to the drain but some stains remain in the pores of the cement and so they need to begin to scrub with some bleach. It wouldn’t be perfect especially since smarty was resisting every step of the way and you made some notes on how it occasionally caused mild physical resistance or studders. “That’s good for now. Bad smarty go away.”

“Nuuuuu~ Greetings sir. How can we be of assistance?” The voice shifted as if smarty was stuffed into a closet and a patiently waiting person had finally stood up to talk.

“Here’s a list of the general rules Isaac.” You add inserting a holotape. “Your primary duty is to monitor your user profile ‘Smarty’ to aid in their rehabilitation to a productive and well behaved fluffy. If Smarty is a threat to fluffies, people or property you are instructed to attempt and assume direct control of this form to prevent such incidents.”

“Primary Directive acknowledged sir.”

“Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the rules.”

“Secondary Directives acknowledged.”

“Excellent. Lets go and introduce everyone.” You add heading to the door.


Now we’re talking! A new automatron where one can use bad fluffies for small organic computers. Probably not as reliable as a robobrain but then again, those are also prone to flawed interpretations of orders given. :wink:


Unlike the standard robobrains, fluffy’s are synthetetic brains to begin with making them surprisingly compatible.

You know, if you weren’t using smarties with their horrible brain scars from their brain chips malfunctioning. ~chuckle~