Foals at a smallscale Fluffmart outlet by Carpdime


Foals being sold at a smallscale Fluffy Mart outlet. I have been uploading some of Carpdime’s art recently so I wanted to mention that this particular pic is his most recent. The other pictures were all made prior to 2016, but this image came from his return to the fandom in 2020


I love the patiently amused look on the storeclerk.


This is a perfect example of why Carpdime is so great at drawing helpless little babbehs. It’s such a gentle and loving little slice-of-life scenario, but for the bumbling little babies the clerk seems to be spraying them with water for apparently no reason. And the best they can do about it is try to waddle away - which of course doesn’t work because they can’t get over their little baby-sized walls. :blush:


I had wanted to do a larger piece showing all the different sections of a smaller, local FluffyMart store. But I think the idea overwhelmed me at the time and I could not think of a good layout for the store. Plus I had already done a piece on a larger Fluffy Mart layout so I just decided to focus on one aspect of a small store display.

Originally I had intended that other drawing of the Fluffs’r’us back alley to be part of this extended concept. On reflection the seedy nature of it was not suitable for how I wanted to portray FluffyMart so I decided to do that as a separate piece.

The drawing of the staff member was a deliberate attempt to practice drawing isometric humans. In fact most of these set pieces are drawn isometrically (well, pseudo-isometric anyway) , I’ve always felt more comfortable using that method.

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