Food for Spankies by:Foxhoarder

Maybe this time he’ll remember not to do it again! Should’ve slapped those little nuts harder

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Wish there would be “tomorrow” haha

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I must try it on hungry friends.
Somebody want putanesca?

I love this theme so much, would be great to see it expanded.

I’m imagining a family of good parents and their baby that are forced to live like this, but over time the price inflates disproportionately.
Eventually the same piece of bread will cost 10 swats to the nuts, or alternatively, only one swat to the baby’s nuts.

The parents turn down the easy way out repeatedly because they genuinely care, but as the price rises they slowly start to consider it.
One day they get partway into their beating and finally give in. They feel terrible, but can’t take it anymore.
“Need big long hurties to stop! Ok, but only give baby one little hurt”

After the baby is abused he blames and hates his parents.
He doesn’t recognize how many beatings they protected him from, he only cares that they gave the ok for him to be injured. And now they are sharing the food that he believes should be his, as he earned it through his own pain.

From there the parents might go back to taking all beatings for him, in attempt to earn back his love.
He refuses to forgive them, which hurts emotionally.
As they endure more & more beatings without being appreciated or forgiven, they slowly grow to resent the baby.

Maybe in the end the parents come to hate him entirely for always complaining about his infrequent beatings and hoarding food, never appreciating their sacrifices and the fact that they take the vast majority of beatings to protect him.
They eventually give the ok for the baby to be killed in exchange for sketti, and one less unappreciative mouth to feed.

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Just because I often see you enjoying some of the same concepts as me, & I generally agree with the things I see you comment about

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Damn, that’s a good story.

Thanks, I did like it!