Food for zoos

OK, idea. Zoos can pick up ferals to use as food for the carnivorous animals. Whaddya think?


they’d probably need anti-parasite shots first and a good squeezing to wring out any access shit before feeding them to the lions, tigers and bears. but they’d probably love the idea of live prey.


They’d probably be able to just breed them constantly for a safer and more reliable source


Not ferals but cheap fluffies would work. Hell they would probably breed them for easy and cheap but semi nutritious food

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Yeah, breeding fluffies for food. Cheap too and their quick birththrate makes them sustainable. But the breeding pairs need to be fed. How long can they hold on before they lose the will to live and need to be replaced?

Buy all the poopeh foals in bargain price, make them fat and feed the important animals (all animals, fluffies aren’t animals anyway)

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Give them a purpose and happiness. Only feed them fat fluffies. They can try to run and maybe give predators some exercise.

Something so cheap and easy to breed would be a great enrichment item for zoo animals, even if it were unsuitable as a main food source.

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100% breed them, and make it fun for them let them all in loose and let them hunt. maybe make it a “after closing time” show for the Fluffy “Fans”

Nu munstah! Nu num fwuffy!


Mummah hewp babbeh!!

Gu way! Smarty giv sowwy hoofsies! Screeee!!!