For the sins of a man a whole family paid pt2 [CYOA] [By FluffyStalker]

You keep silence and reach for your backpack hoping there’s something in it to defend yourself, you see nothing so you keep groping your way through the backpack, soon enough you feel a small metal blade and you look for the handle, you now have a… something.

Another high pitched voice speaks “dummeh fwuffy dis nu am hoomin, hoomins nu am hewe fo many fowebahs onwy munstahs”

You crawl slowly to the source of the sound, they’re too busy babbling to each other to notice your clumsy attempt of stealth towards them.

The first high pitched voice says “buh munstahs num fwuffies an fwuffy nu am nummy yet”

You stop right in front of them, you’re completely still and your breathing is barely noticeable to yourself, you are ready to strike with whatever you have in your hand.

“Den dummeh gu see if nu am munstah” said the second high pitched voice.

There’s your first target, before the other voice could answer you launch yourself weapon first directly to the source of the sound… There’s only warmth enveloping your hand and a gurgling sound and… Fur?

“Fain, fwuffy gun see that thewe nu am munstah and ou gunna be dummeh nao” says the other voice, still oblivious to the death of its partner.

Before it can starts going where you were before you get your weapon out of your first victim, you strike successfully but your weapon is now stuck, you decide to finally use Energy Light.


Your light slowly illuminates the scene, you first see your bloody hands, then your equally bloody dagger and then you see some kind of dwarf horse, with unnatural pink fur and black mane, your dagger is stuck in the horse’s head, your first victim just a meter away was a bit smaller and had snow white fur with green mane, you stabbed it’s throat where the fur is a deep red.

There’s a hallway in front of you, probably where these dwarf horses came from, there’s anothers another one that is blocked by some rubble, you can get it out of the way, with a lot of effort and time of course and the last hallway barely illuminated by your light seems more scary than the whole place, a high pitched… Crying? Well some high pitched huu huu is coming from it.

You are now armed with a small dagger, nothing too dangerous so don’t try going full fighter with it, anything bigger and stronger than a dog and you’re in for a lot of wounds.

Where will you go?

The choice
  • Go the same way the horses came from
  • Try to clean the rubble from the hallway and go that way
  • Go the huu huu way
  • Attend to your needs and think about where to go later.

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