Forgettable (Dead Fluffy December) - [by Eidalac]

peep “mumah…wuv…”

You look down at the noise. Must be one of those fluffy things. Tiny bastard.


Weird, didn’t know those things made that kind of noise. You bend down and look at it. Freaky thing, little bit of brown fur and no eyes?

No, you realize it’s just got them closed. A baby you guess.

“Wuv…mumah” cheep

You glance around. No sign of any others. Did it wader off? Seems kinda small for that.


It’s just wiggling around, it’s kinda freaky, not what you expected.

You ponder why it seems so odd when it hits you, the thing doesn’t have legs? That’s really strange.

You pick up a bit of wood nearby and flip it over.

cheep “Mumah…upsies…milkies?”

Ok, it has legs. Kinda. But all fucked up like. Guess it was abandoned? Makes sense.

You take a few pictures for discord.

“Warmies…need…hugy…mum…” cough

You wonder how long this thing will make it, but not like you have that much free time.

“Is that yours?”

The sudden voice startles you, and you end up flailing your arms like a moron to keep balanced.

“Ah, sorry?”

You grimace at the scene, standing up to face the guy, city sanitation you think.

“Oh, um, was, lost in thought.” You mumble. “But, um, no, just saw it, never seen one, looked. Weird, no legs.”

This is why you hate talking to people, you always sound like an idiot.

“I see. Well, easy clean up at least. Any others around?” He sweeps the thing into a dustpan.

“Oh, um, no, just that. No legs, so, um, abandoned, i guess.” You really want to be … somewhere else.

“Well, have to spray the alley. Remember to call in if you see any more, don’t want any shit like in Cleveland.” The man spins the dustpan with a quick snap, you can hear the soft crunch of something breaking inside.

“Ok, um, will do.”

You walk away, ready to forget the whole awkward mess. Figures you would get embellished by a glorified garbage man. You even forget about the pictures you took.

It was forgettable in the end.



Poor little mutant.