fowevew sweepy container (by HeavyDutyT550)

Are you tired of your fluffy pony smarty getting out of hand? You tried anything but always bite you And hide to place where you cannot get to him? We are introducing a fowevew sweepy container!!!

This huge loan of heavy-ass container Is so huge it could prob fit outside Or in your big basement and your garden!

Product contain:
controll panel Connected to boiler room
Plastic bottle for scent (such skettis scent, fluffy mare scent)

Loudspeaker for attracting different smarty, foal and mare

closing vault (you can select trapdoor if you wanna)
Room for 5 fluffy pony at once!

Sound suppressor button (very recommend!)

And finaly a gas tubes for giving fluffy pony “fowevew sweepy”

Size Is huge Or medium we also recommend placing it down your huge basement (huge basement recommend) And ground in home, we Don’t recommend putting it on 2nd floor this cause to break floor and breaking down floor

We recommend putting it at 1nd floor with good huge place

Or outside

How it Work?

bottle with sketti scent are good for attracting Smarty into the container, this Is modified scent that can attract only fluffy.


Color of explanation:
Dark green - area of decent smell
Dark blue - good area of smell
Orange - getting close
Lime - Rlly close
Red - center of smell


Pink - inside of house
Light Orange - garden

Scent tubes are top of boiler with hole we recommend opening window to make sure the smell Is going good work!


loudspeaker. With loudspeaker you can put fluffy mare voice attracting Smarty into container. Its like scent radius (similar to scent radius with replaced color explaining)

Toxic leak button:
Make sure the door behind fluffy Is closed and Locked!!! Opened door cause to fluffy run and cause to toxic leak everywhere.

Once door Is closed you can Press the button and Deadly toxin start leaking causing fluffy pony to slowly die in painful way.


Price Is 9000$, shipping Is free. Limited edition!!! Buy while you can!!! - Sincerely HeavyD’s fluffy pony tools


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Smarty really gonna say ooh a female and kill themselves

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BTW, you think you could make a machine that incubates mummahs, and diffrentiates from earthies, unicorns, pegusas, and alicorns?

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I have written an incubation tank.

It was a flashforward story so I haven’t gotten to the assembly, but its an ectogenic tank where the tank is both a life support system for the mother and acts as the womb. The Mare is braindead, the body split apart and kept alive manually by devices in the top of the tank where her lungs are located, her head sticking out the top to give a bit of psychological torture to my human character who sees Fluffies as more like her, as a genetically modified human, than normal humans.

The uterus is the ceiling of the tank more or less, the fetuses develop visibly within the tank around the middle floating along with the mother’s digestive anatomy and intestines which loop around one side opposite the viewer and exit the bottom of the tank. Two little robot arms pluck the fetuses to abort or “birth” them. The structure I figure that their programming comes from is kept in a separate chamber and the “programming bulbs” are delivered to developing fetuses via NANOMACHINES, SON using lasers. Sperm and ovum can be sourced from any Fluffies and cultured before being applied to the uterine lining, the mother unit’s own eggs are long since gone.

Yes I overthought the hell out of this. I didn’t describe it all in that story though, it was mostly about Feral GI Joe biotoys killing and eating a homeless man.


Hmmm very interesting story, you nailed idea onto my head, i going make incubation tank With thing, you can tell me what to add here

not a bad idea. kind of neat tho i sure normal male feral would end up dead in there as well.

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