"free-for-all" adoptables?

hi! i like making fluffy designs just for fun and i dont really have attachments to them aside from Mascoty (that pink one with the yellow bowtie)

i was wondering, if i posted “free-for-all” “”“”“adopts”“”“” if anyone would care or if they would think i was so cringe i should kill myself.

it’ll just be a collection of designs that i post and people can just use if they want to, or link back to for reference, etc. people can take an edit the designs if they dont like a certain aspect too (i like to give them that cutie mark concept from a while ago so if you dont like that sort of thing you can take it off, etc so forth).

people wouldnt need to ask to use it for things, but i also wouldnt care about “ownership” so like you guys would have to in-fight about that. my only ask would be “if you guys could not make this the mascot for the holocaust, id appreciate that”.

so is this cool or bad be honest


You haven’t been here for too long. As long as it’s free, they will go out like hot potatoes (actual use in art or a story is not guaranteed)


What about making it the mascot for UPA killings?


If you ask for money for adoptables people will tear you a new butthole unless you also offer to draw a commission featuring it