Fwiffer (by:Tyndalo8825)

Felicia: Look what lindos chirpies you have chocodrop let me see them?

Chocodrop trembles with fear

Crush the foal*

Felicia: see what you’ve done

Begin to crush chirpies with a trunk the thickness and size of the leg of a fluffy*

Felicia: por dios stop!.. What a hell are you doing chodrop!? Stop!

Finish crushing all the chirpies*

Felicia: Señor O’Neil quick please look at what chocodrop has done… there were two cute alicorns

O’Neil: Fucking shitty rat didn’t understand when we removed her vocal cords, removed his hind legs and still ruined my business… take it and throw it into the incinerator I don’t want to see it anymore!

Felicia: (with false sad voice) as ordered by Señor O’Neil


Poor baby!

I think #betrayal might be a good tag to add. Or #dummy-human since they just killed a money-maker.


There are many labels that would be needed but maybe in the future I will place them

I know it was a waste of a breeder but we know who is to blame after that loss :wink:


Humans who burn money like this shouldn’t be allowed to breed in either sense.


Yep. Is Felicia getting revenge on Senor O’Neil for something? Or does she just not like Felicia?

I take it Senor O’Neil isn’t like my boss. The better the shop does, the bigger our year end bonus. I see those dead foals and just see $$$ disappearing!

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Felicia simply hates fluffies and even if she hates her job she always has fluffies on hand to hurt, as long as she is not surprised her boss will continue to make her own.


Hahahaha fuckin’ showed that stupid shit. Now you’re DEAD, so who’s a good mother NOW, huh? Not you, that’s for sure.




Also real talk I love that this image parses perfectly fine even without the text you wrote in the post simply because you made the fake legs a different color than the real ones so it was obvious what was happening. Makes me think of all the contextless images we have where it’s like “yeah this was some shit about like a stray named Michael or whatever” and how this will at least make SENSE.


Imagine the look of surprise had her boss installed security cameras on the premises and caught her destroying valuable company property. That’s quite costly. No need for Felicia to hate her job when she can successfully screw herself out of it. :smiling_imp:


I laughed at the no back legs.

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Just got my annual bonus. Did Felicia get hers?

(Probably surplus fluffies to “adopt”)

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Hahaha I hadn’t thought about it, that gives me an idea

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I just sentenced more fluffies to their doom.

Oh well. What’s for dinner?

A bit of both plus a surprise :smiling_imp::rofl:

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Look forward to it!

Your stuff is always fun, even the stuff that makes me mad :slight_smile:

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Now convince her if she eats her young, and gives the floor wicky cleanies of all the boo boo juice, she might get her voice back :slight_smile: