Fwuffy gets Isekai'd. chapter 1 (by no_sketti_on_tuesdays)

So this series has no tie ins whatsoever with my other fluffy stories. High fantasy has always been my go to setting for writing so I figured why not put some Fluffies in my fantasy world. Hope you folk enjoy.

A bright red flash and a loud POP! In the center of the altar sits a little ball of… Fluff?
“What the?.. Uuugh I messed up again.”
A lady in a red cloak complains.
“You’ll get it right next time mom.”
A taller man in an ornate vest responds.
“Uuugh I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! First a brick, then a piece of cheese, now a big blue piece of cotton! I’d thought I’d had my ritual to summon creatures from other realms perfect this time, but all I get are inanimate objects.”

Suddenly the fluffball moves.
This is you. You’re a blue unicorn Fluffy Colt conveniently named Blue. You were just getting Huggies from your mummah. You got your tummy full of your mummahs bestest miwkies and you were Napping in her fluff when suddenly you were alone on a cold rock.
You raise your head to look around. You see two humans standing in front of you. You’re on a rock table in the middle of a big pretty room.
“We … Weww am babbeh? Mummah? MUMMAH!”
You yell. Suddenly the girl human looks happy.

“I DID IT LAWRENCE I DID IT! I SUMMONED AN OUTWORLDER! Always told you your momma was the best sorceress around.”
She says smugly.
Lawrence looks up.
“Yes well. Now what do we do? Seems like it’s just a baby.”
You look at the man.
" Sniffle fwuffy AM BABBEH! Nee mummah! Huuhuuhuu! Fwuffy scawedies!"

“Oh my… Okay I can handle this.”
The lady walks up.
“Hello there little guy. My name’s Amelia. What’s your name?”
The lady asks.
" Sob Fwuffy am bwue! Weww mummah? Nice wady pwease take fwuffy ta mummah! Nee Huggies an wub! Buuhuuhuu!"
You cry. You’ve never been away from your mummah before.
“Huuhuu babbeh nee wub! Nee miwkies!”

“Oh great. You’ve summoned a baby that’s not even weened yet. How ya gonna fix this one mom?”
Lawrence says looking at his mother.
“Like this.”
The woman leans in close to you.
“Daww is widdwe babbeh wost? Does da widdwe babbeh wan a nyu mummah?”
You look up at the lady.

“… How’d you do that?”
Lawrence asks.
“Years of practice Lars. You loved it whenever I did that baby talk when you were a kid.”
The lady says.
“Well now what? We can’t leave it here it’s just a baby.”
The man says.
“I would take the cute little bugger with me buuut you remember what happened last time I tried to get a new pet. Snowball wasn’t happy.”
Amelia says.

“That damned cat still scares me.”
Lawrence says scratching his arm.
“Hmm… Why don’t you take him. He could be a good pet for Lacy.”
Lawrence looks at Amelia.
“We don’t know if this thing is dangerous or not and you want me to give it to your eight year old granddaughter?”

“Meh. I’ve handled more dangerous creatures at younger ages. Plus look at him. It’s obvious he’s some kind of domesticated pet. I mean look at him! He’s got blue fur!”
This offends you.
“NU! NU AM FUWW!.. Am pwetty fwuff. Babbeh am fwuffy.”
You say. Amelia looks at you.
“… He has blue fluff! That can’t be natural.”
She says.
“Well … If you say so. First sign of it being aggressive you’re taking it back… Well little guy guess you’re coming with me.”
You look up at Lawrence.
" Sniffle be nyu Daddeh?"
You ask.

“Well I don’t know about that but I can certainly give you shelter. I hope you can handle goat milk.”
You get excited.
You cry.
“Well sorry buddy but your mother’s not here. She’s far far away. Come on. Let’s get you taken care of. You have something I can carry him in mom? Really don’t want folk asking me where he came from.”

Amelia picks you up.
She sits you in a boxie with a blanky in it.
“Huuhuuhuu scawy huuhuu.”
She puts a top on the boxie.
“NUUU babbeh nu wike dawkies”
You plead.
“Babbeh sure does complain a lot.”
Lawrence says.
“Lars it’s a baby that was literally just ripped away from everything it’s ever known. You’d be scared too. Anyways I’ll come check on blue tomorrow. For now just learn what he likes and make him comfortable.”

You hear Lawrence’s footsteps. The temperature changes and the air gets warmer. You hear all kinds of humans talking. You listen as close as your little hear places can but you don’t hear any other fluffies.
You don’t like this scary sorry boxie. You don’t like this new place.
“Huuhuu babbeh nu wike. Nee mummah. Babbehs am foh Huggies an wub. Nee mummahs Huggies an wub.
Huuhuu babbeh nu git mummahs miwkies ebah again.”
You willow in your sorrow the entire journey. You eventually huuhuu yourself to sleep.

Suddenly you feel a jolt. The boxie stopped moving. You hear something that kind of sounds like another fluffy.
Well… A really hyper fluffy that is.
“Now now settle down Lace… But yes it is a present for you.”

The thing screams.
“Yep. And don’t you forget it. Now Lace. Before I give you this you need to realize. This isn’t a toy. You can’t be rough with it.”
Lawrence says.
“Otay daddy! Lacy is never rough.”
The thing says.
“Yeah sure. Never rough. that explains why you’re covered in so many bruises and scrapes people probably think you’re abused. Anyways.”
Suddenly the boxy fills with light and you’re being stared down by a little human.

“H…hewwo nice wady. Be babbehs nyu mummah?”
You don’t know why you ask this but you just feel compelled to.
You’re startled by the sudden yelling and make scaredy poopies in the boxie.
“Huuhuuhuu! Bad poopies! Babbeh sowwy! Buuhuuhuu!”
You feel ashamed. Suddenly you feel something petting your head. It almost feels like when mummah gave you lickies.

“Sorry little buddy. Lacy got excited. Lacy didn’t mean to make you scared.”
The tiny human pets your head talking normal now.
“… Nice wady be… Be nyu mummah?”
You ask again.
“Yes. I’ll be your new momma. I’m Lacy and your name is?”
You don’t know how to process this.

“… Now… to break the news to your mommy about the new pet.”
Lawrence says with a touch of fear In his voice.
He leaves you with your new mummah.
“… Wan some cheese?”
She says taking a weird orange stick out of her pocket. You have teefies but you’ve never eaten any solid food before.
“… Sniff… Smeww wike miwkies. Babbeh wub Nummie stick.”
You say as you start munching the Nummie stick. It tastes heavenly. Chewing is a little weird but you’ll get used to it.
“Mommy thinks she found my cheese stash.”
She says taking another Nummie stick out of her pocket.
“Who said Lacy only had one?”
New mummah laughs and Nummies the sticky.

Your tummy feels weird.
“…you brought WHAT!?!”
You hear a woman shout from another room.
“Huuhuu scawy!”
You say getting closer to your new mummah.
Suddenly Lawrence and another woman walk into the room.
“Hi mommy!”
Lacy says still munching on the cheese stick.
“… Where do you keep getting all this cheese Lacy? We don’t even have cheese!”
Suddenly the black haired lady looks down at you.

“… Is… What is that?.. It’s ADORABLE!”
The lady snatches you up and starts giving you Huggies.
“Oh you’re so precious yes you are!”
She says.
“Fank ou nice wady.”
You say.
Suddenly your tummy rumbles. You feel a sharp pain in your tummy.
“Uh oh. Nu! Nu come out! Uuuuuugh… NU BAD POOPIES!”

With no control you let out a stream of diarrhea onto the carpet below you.

~ 10 seconds later ~

“No! Bad boy! Very bad boy!”
The woman says rubbing your smell place into the poopies.
“Huuhuu babbeh sowwy! Nu smeww pwetty! Babbeh sowwy huuhuu! Nummie sticky make babbeh hab bad poopies! Babbeh nee miwkies!”
You plead.
“Nummie stick?.. Wait… LACY! Babies can’t eat cheese Lacy!”
She says.
“Lacy didn’t know!”
New mummah says.
“Well since you caused it. You get to clean it up. AND give the widdwe babbeh hewe a baff!”
The lady says in a cutesy almost fluffy like tone.

“After that I’ll see what I can do about getting you some milkies.”
She says. You don’t know what to think about your new mummahs mummah. On one hoofsie she rubbed your nose in poopies. On the other. She promised milkies for babbeh.
“Aww Lacy don’t wanna.”
New mummah says.
You watch as new mummah cleans your bad poopies. You still smell them. You must have gotten them in your smell place.
New mummah walks up to you.
“Alright Blue boy. It’s Baff time!”
Bath… Something about that word unnerves you.
New mummah picks you up and walks to a big room with a big white bowl in the center. New mummah sits you in the floor.

“You stay right here.”
She walks over and starts cranking some weird metal thingy. Suddenly wawah starts to come out.
You try to get away only for new mummahs hand to grab you by your back leggie.
“Oh no ya don’t. It baff time poopy boy!”
Little mummah says.
“Huuhuu nu am poopy! Am gud babbeh! WAWAH BAD FOH BABBEH!”
You yell in protest.

“You getting a baffy and that’s final. I’ll warm up the wawah.”
Your mummah sticks her hand into the water. Within a minute the water was putting off a light steam. The steam felt nice but wawah is still bad for babbehs.
“Lacy only put a little water in da tub. You can sit down in it.”
She starts lowering you into the tub.
If you had any food in your system you’d be making scaredy poopies right now.
You try to squirm but it’s useless. New mummah had you.

You feel your hoofsie touch the warm wawah. You panic at first but then… Oh boy this feels good. This warm wawah is almost as nice as mummahs Huggies.
“See? Wawah isn’t bad.”
New mummah says.
“… Mummah… How ou make wawah wawmsies?”
You ask
“Lacy’s mommy taught Lacy how to use fire magic. Something about making sure Lacy doesn’t burn the house down. Lacy used it in the wawah to make warm baffies!”
She said.
Mummah always told you of hooman magic but you’ve never seen it for yourself.

She scrubs you with soap that makes you smell really pretty and then rinses you. She dries you off which makes your pretty fluff nice and fluffy.
“Fank ou foh baffies mummah. Babbeh smeww suuuu pwetty.”
You say as you pose to look extra pretty.
Mummah claps as you make more poses. Suddenly the door opens and mummah’s mummah comes in.
“Well I see you two are having fun. Are ya hungry little guy?”
She asks you.
“Yes big mummah. Babbeh hab tummie owies. Wan miwkies.”
You plead.

Big mummah picks you up gently.
“Teehee. Babbeh wub gud upsies.”
She holds up something that kind of looks like a long milkie place. She pushes it towards your mouth and you start suckling. It’s… Well it’s milkies but nowhere near as sweet as your mummahs. It’s warm and you feel yourself getting full but it leaves you a bit… Unsatisfied.
You see through the window it’s starting to get darkie time outside.
Big Daddeh made a big orange warm flower. He said that babbeh can’t touch it or it’ll give babbeh Burnie hurties. Babbeh sat in front of the warmy place with Mummah. She rolls a ball and you chase it.
“Teehee! Baww! Babbeh wub baww!”
You say while playing.

“Well. Guess the goat milk worked. He didn’t look to happy drinking it though.”
Big mummah says.
“Too bad we don’t know what he is. We don’t even know if goat milk has the nutrition he needs. I’ll get mom to really examine him tomorrow. Then we’ll know more.”
Said big Daddeh.

"Mummah always told you that one day you’d have a nyu mummah an Daddeh. She was Right but … You never knew it’d be this soon. You miss mummah but… you think you’ll like it here.

Sorry if this one was a little boring. The next couple chapters will go more into the fantasy aspects.


Oooh I’m excited to see where this goes!

Let’s see how long Blue lasts in a new world. And if other fluffies also get transported to wherever here is.


I LOVE IT maybe put a teeny tiny amount of abuse where the father is in an evil cult and wants to kill the thing and the mom was always able to summon things but the father betrayed her???

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Due to fluffy/isekai’d power (fractional in case of fluffy / massive multiplier in case of Isekai) scaling, im curious if a fluffy might actually be able to harm a human like a regular animal.

Could just be a normal fluffy but it becomes a fluffy x Native species harem isekai somehow as well…

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You beat me to it, except the fluffy was going to be an anthro fluff survivalist.

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ooh, I wonder if fluffies will become a favored snack of demons?