GAEM OBAH! (by chase70140)

Here’s my entry into Octoberthon Marathon Prompt #6

See the backstory of the fluffy in the last panel here: Ten pownd piow ov peese (by chase70140)




Love it. Good Jigsaw Fluffy. This was a success.

If you can, let’s see more.


Deserved for having a bestest.

I hope the bestest was just left there to die.


slowly died of sepsis because of the button up its poopie place. Womp womp


Button was in the head, dummy mummah. You stomped the wrong place.


Why does that man have no upper body

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cuz I hate drawing arms, maybe he’s just got his arms behind his head chillaxin in the recliner

But where is his torso, like, his body ends at the legs and then it’s just the back of the chair

That is not how the human body works; we do not have large transparent areas in our midsections.

I guess having him wear a red shirt on a red couch was a bad idea, all the pictures of Jigsaw had a red shirt on

Keep it though, it’s better this way

So did she just refuse to stomp it or was there only enough time to stomp two?

the button was in bestest, her favoritism got her killed

Yeah but did she just flat out refuse to kill the bestest or was there only enough time for her to stomp 2 and if she chose wrong she died?

she had time to stomp all three but she just refused to hurt bestest, the other two could have lived if she was smart enough to know the only one that could have the button was the one she liked the most.

Love it! Was just curious.