GARDEN FLUFFYS 3 the game (by Ginnekko)

ok Brian can you set up the safe room in the house so i can start dealing with the ones in the barn, also please don’t forget to feed the little guys before coming back,

(Brian) nick when should we start teaching this little ones about Gardening?

(Nick) later right now they are too small they cant even speak they need to know how to follow rules, so i will say around two weeks from now


nick headed out to the barn to check how the herd was doing, he made sure to leave one guy watching over them so they wont get into trouble or hurt them self’s, once he got to the barn he found the orange fluffy playing ball with the yellow and blue fluffys, the two pregnant mares were singing and playing whit some of the soft cubes in the yard. what nick found strange is that the brown fluffy was sitting in a corner just looking at the floor nick approached and asked, “hey there buddy what’s wrong?”

he responded " fluffy wan tow pway but fluflly is onwy poope fluffy onwy numm poopes",

nick thought to him self, god dam i have to fix this attitude this herd has before i can even sell any trained fuzzball, ok i might need to work on that later but first" hey there everybody your new daddy" all of the fluffys responded in unison “hewo dadde” before i can named you we need to give you all baths and shots, they all screamed no wawas awe bad for fluffy and no stiwngy huwtys. calm down everyone the shots are necessary for you guys to live in your nice nest plus the bath will make you all smell pretty,

the barn has a water line that connects to a water heater so the farm can be provided with a steam heating system and hot water when necessary, Nick set up the bath he started with the orange fluffy he asked him if he did good poopies in the correct place the fluffy replied " smarty kwos wehe to wake good poopies smaty kwos an make all good poopies tewe. nick was surprised that the one who had the smarty symdome was actually following his rules, maybe just maybe this one can be fixed. the gave them each a bath leaving the brow one for last knowing he will have to put a bit more elbow grease. Nick was shocked for three reasons the first is when he washed the face of the fluffy the found a broken horn meaning this guy was not a Pegasus but an alicorn, the second is once the fluffy was washed it had its privates and bottom caked with excrement and god knows what this fluffy was not a stallion but a mare , nick asked why were her privates covered with such filth , the fluffy responded

fluffy no wan bad spewshul huggies sho no no plwace wus cowed wih poopie,

god dam poor little girl she covered her self on purpose so she can hide her natural pheromones and avoid getting raped, man that has gusts, the third surplice was as soon as her fluff was dried she had a gorgeous light brown with a bit of golden yellow highlights this fluffy was unique i will have to scan for a chip

ok everyone time for names

ok the purple fluffy with orange mane will be named eggplant

yash eweplunt wubz new name

yellow fluffy with the red mane will be tomato

womato haz bettes names

blue and red you will be named Liberty (he reminds me of the 4th of July fluffys)

wibety wubs manesy and daddy

ok now the soon mommas first the white whit purple your special friend is eggplant right your name is sweetpea

uhhh sweepee has bestes namese and bestes neste and beste babes and beste dadde and beste…

ok ok ok calm down girl calm down, now lets see the the other soon momma, hmm you are pink with a light brown mane you know what i will name you cherryblosom

chewwybosom loves namesey dadde

finally the alincorn i will name you chocolate because you are the sweetest

dank you dadde

thats it for names now we will play the best game ever created you guys want to know the name? “yus yus yus” they all responded the naves is called raise your nummies, they all twisted their head trying to figure out the meaning. ok i will show you how to play

first you take this nummies and you burry them in the outside litterbox, Nick started planting strawberry seeds cut panting potatoes and other fluffy friendly plants

next you take wawa with these bowls and pour it were you planted the nummies in a couple of weeks you will have freshly grown nummies. they all got excited and began imitating nick.


maybe this is going to be easier than what he thought. those were word Nick would come to Regret