Garden invaders (InfraredTurbine)

Colored it while being 75% sleepy xD
Hope you guys like it. just an idea I had

If you have your own story and wanna bring it to life, feel free to contact me at any time! :slight_smile: illustrations and so on too!


Cause shitrat you mostly destroyed my fuckin crops and you fuckin took everything so have some more chili up yo ass!!!

Sadly that prob with ferals even their lil brain cant process stealin (most all of it) is bad even if he thinks he is doing it for his family.

@infraredturbine get some sleep already unless you want me to call Samuel Jackson to read his book for you to sleep :joy:


he lacked more chili for him to learn the lesson :wink: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:


He’s lucky he wasn’t sent out with the chili firmly implanted in his arse. A small mercy.


Is it bad if a human steals food for his family?


Per Definition yes stealing is against the law and with out the law there is no order and without order there is chaos


That’s a dangerous line of thinking, that is. That’s the line of thinking that leads to dictatorships.

The truth is, you need chaos too. You need law and chaos. Chaos isn’t just anarchy, it’s passion and creativity too.

People don’t exist to serve the law. The law exists to serve people. And if the law is going to let the man’s family starve, why should he care about the law? I mean, lots of places IRL have systems in place that would help the man provide for his family, food banks and the like, but a lot of other places don’t.

Would you obey the law if it meant your family dies?

It’s the same with fluffies. Maybe this fluffy asked humans for food nicely, and they just told him to fuck off or die. But he’s still got a family to feed. So he does what he has to do, in order to feed them, and unlike humans, the fluffy doesn’t have any other way to get food. It’s not like fluffies have money.


Let them die


Yes I can see your view but here me out I’m German and the Law is everything to us we love it can’t help if it is Good, evil or neutral as long it is Lawful its good to go

Also in my country unsertenty and chaos lead to a dictatorship like the rain of The Nazis not a to strict law… So yeah that came afterwards


Yeah, I was just about to make that comparison. But the Nazis wouldn’t have done so much damage if so many of them didn’t have the “just following orders” mindset.

Blind obedience of the law always leads to trouble.


If you are growing spicy stuff, the best punishment would have been to let him take them.


The detail on the abused, irritated anus is outstanding.

I hate it.


Name checks out.


I was so sleepy I don’t even remenber coloring this one
welp, at least it was great xD

You know what to do

Prepares camera

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Should force feed it a jalapeño and shove a other in his ass


Kind of light punishment should have stock that chili pepper up its ass or force-feed it.


“Well you can help your family by being their food then!”
(Douses fluffy in kerosene, sets them on fire, and then throws their charred corpse in front of their family)
(Burns family alive too)

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When anyone uses spicy things with fluffies:

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He looks like he’s willingly presenting himself to have the pepper shoved in…give people what they want, Beaver FLOP!!!

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