Gen one (carniviousduck)


snowg1obe time~ Urge to shake rising

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How much is bail? I wish to release him. He is innocent.

Very cute,I like this one CD!

Just you wait starting next week is the return of hugbox week, just to torture me untill the 16th when i become one year closer to death…


The glass is cracking… Gods help us all when it breaks free.

He’s that dangerous?

You’ve got a birthday coming up?

Looking forward to it,I think you make nice hugbox,it’s the eyes.

Kinda cute, I like it.

Dude!? It’s a generation 1 fluffy pony. A generation 1!
Ofcourse it’s flipping dangerous.


It’s a true genetic chimera, even modern day fluffies can be considered genetically stable compared to a gen 1.

Gen 1’s only bred in captivity, under strict observation and scrutany. Any offspring with undesirable traits were disposed of, any others were closely curated before being allowed to breed … let alone be sold.

Now imagine, this creature, this hodge podge of genetic material from a plathera of animals kept inside a body with a breeding capacity that would make any rabbit jealous being released …
Breeding uncontrolably …
Releasing offspring into the wild unchecked …
Offspring with a diversity of genetic mutations …
Whom also breed uncontrolably …
Its releas will doom us all …

This is by far the scariest art Carniviousduck has ever posted.

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I never really thought of it like this before. I guess in my head canon I always imagined fluffies as being mostly finished when they were accidentally released. But I guess this makes sense too. It does better explain their flaws, however, I usually view the fluffs that were first released and the ones who have been selectively bred or born in feral herds after numerous generations as being mostly indistinguishable from their 1st gen ancestors, at least to the average person.

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