ginger_fig week submission. (by: artist-kun)


Bad pony! How dare you exist at me!


Ah, the tragedy of a mare being killed just because she wants to feed her babies. Unaware of the damage she and every mare like her can do. Driven only by her basic instincts to consume and reproduce.


“You should’ve thought about that before you all decided to become peasants biotoys!”


An anxiety riddled, mangy ape did that a few dozen millennia back. And now I’m holding a glowing rectangle looking at drawings of creepy little horses.


Yup. They do the exact same shit humans do, and humans hate them for it.

Honestly, I think we kind of sort of projected all of humanity’s worst traits onto fluffies.


Actually anxiety didn’t existed back than. It was created by pharmaceutical companies to make big bucks on meds against it


Fundamentally, it’s the big, unspoken joke at the heart of the fandom.

Hasbio represents all the worst excesses of corporate entities: lackadaisical care toward its facilities (there really was no excuse for PETA being as successful as they were), a sociopathic drive for profit (all the accompanying merch like sorry sticks, etc. and even the hyper fertility of the product sort of speak to that), total lack of any real repercussions for them for making something as inadvertently destructive as fluffies are sometimes portrayed as being, and the fact that the perpetual stunted development of the animal is a feature not a bug, meaning that you’re essentially saddling anyone who gets one with a high maintenance special needs child - the vast majority of whom will not be equipped to deal with that kind of responsibility. As much as ‘hating’ them isn’t really serious, it’s kind of misanthropy without the misanthropy.





if only this word hadn’t beem tossed around so much to the point of me loosing what it actually means
no really wtf does it actually mean?

OK but-grabs her tits and starts cutting them off-SCRRREEEEEEEEEE NU MIWWKIE PWACE HAB BIGGEST OWWWWIIIEEESSSSSS-HUHUHUHU NU GIB BAK MIWKIE PWACE NE TO GIB BABBEHS MIWKIES-tosses mama belly first to ground as she lands an screeches in pain-well you should have thought about that be for coming here now you and your babbehs will die and it all your fault

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I don’t think fluffies subscribe to too many streaming services and buy institutional quantities of candy off of Amazon like I do, though.

Though they would probably do the second one if they could.


But I’m talking about the fluffies themselves. I’ve said it before, fluffies are what you get when you take humanity’s best and worst qualities and dial them both up to eieven.


This is why I try to write fluffies that reflect humanity’s good traits too. I honestly believe it can go either way.


I was doing something in improv comedy they call, “yes and-” :wink:

Your observation and mine weren’t antithetical to each other, I don’t think.


To paraphrase Agent Smith from The Matrix: “Fluffies are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”

Bruh come on I know you didn’t make it out of school without learning what a dictionary is. If not, maybe stop lecturing people about word meanings until you learn.

I was talking about the word “woke” dude

And your stupid dictionary say it is wake up, but in the past, so it won’t cut here