girls that only want to be special friends with girls (By JizzCoveredCrocs)


One of my favourite posts by JCC on the subreddit. I really like it when people explore different fluffy sexualities instead of the overly common (or grossly controversial) ones.


Egad, it looks like a loving, mutually respectful/consensual relationship between two fluffies! Horrifying! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My favorite phenomenon, Lesbeans


I wanna make a comic about a fluffy figuring out he’s gay so baaaad.




Stallion #39731622: “Fwuffy no wan’ bweed wif mawes anymow. Wan huggies an wub fwom bestest fwiend Stawwion Fwee-nine-seben-fwee-one-six-two-fwee.”

Breeder Wageslave #436: “Your job is to breed, shit rat. This is the second refusal, three and being an Alicorn won’t even save your ass from me, you little fa-“

HR (over the intercom): “MY OFFICE. NOW.”


I could see a gay fluffy “doing his job” as a stud, but that’s all it is, a job. Work enfies. Special friend is waiting at home for special hugs.

If the fluffies are particularly social (ie, aren’t in a hellgremlin setting) I half wonder if a gay and lesbian couple might work out an arrangement if both parties want foals? Or would they just adopt (no shortage of candidates there)? Of it they have owners, could they ask to have babies without enfies (artificial insemination)?

<— single, never having kids, so literally have NO idea what those conversations are like!

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I’ve been writing a story which explores fluffy sexuality diversity too. It’s been helping me develop my headcanon on fluffies in general. The past couple days I’ve been thinking I should probably post it on here and not just the subreddit. Perhaps I can go back and make an edit pass and then add it here. I’ve been loving all the art. It’s even interesting and super cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I just figure since the average worker at Fluffy sites tends to be a psychopath and/or teenager who is using them as a outlet, often specifically hating them for femininity and childishness, that a breeder mill worker would likely not be fond of gay folk and see it as an opportunity to deprive them of happiness.

“Thanks for letting me know who your buddy is. He couldn’t get it up yesterday, and one strike is enough for an Earthie. So you’re going to sit there and watch whileI tear his little fair-“


[He breaks Alicorn’s legs while calling him a ‘limp-wristed frui-‘ and not only is being charged the price of the Fluffy, which he does not get to keep, but must attend mandatory sensitivity training before his last day or he loses his unemployment.]

As for Babbehs, the drives seem to be biological clock that ticks in reverse (strong young, weak when older) for females, males its about having a herd or just being horny and accidentally making offspring. Females only seem to care if its their own when they are the type to Bestest, kill the Poopies and Alicorns, and become Hellgremlins. So most Sapphys would probably be fine raising orphans and Poopies, Hellgremlin ones would probably steal some. Same would go for Karlffys.

I can see homophobia spread among fluffy communities, especially from smarties and mares. Now, I wonder if fluffies could also be trans?


i know in my universe they are. kennedy herself is enby with stallion DNA, and I’ll be showcasing a fluffy’s growing intelligence in a future comic when she realizes she’s a she


Sweet, backstory confirmed.