Good daddy (InfrAredTurbine) - extra info too

Just a random piece that came into my mind before sleeping xD

Oh btw, It seems that I’ll be traveling next week and after that I’ll be visiting some distant places too, so I may be a little off in these days too
I’m doing the best I can to work on the ongoing commissions some of you have already commissioned with me and I’ll try to deliver them asap before traveling as well, unless there is no time (It’s 1am here, I took some time to work on some stuff that you guys are willing to see soon, I mean, something kinda "bedfellow scomic " xD
I plan to come back around Jan 10th, during that time, I’ll be traveling here and there, always taking my trablet whenever I go of course so I can go on with the work. not because it would be an obligation, it’s just part of my life drawing, and I really need to draw <3
At the moment I’m writting, I’m already visiting some ppl, and all packed to be traveling next week too.

fun fact: Lil’ Turbine is coming with me. unfortunatelly is not finished, but I wanna take a pic of him at the beach and post it here. shitposting group maybe xD

Little Turbine


I already prepared some drawings to be posting here during these traveling days too, so I won’t leave you guys during christmas or new year too :3

Who asked about all this informations:

Nobody, but wanted to share with you all anyway :3
wuv 'ou all! stay safe, stay fluffy!

For commissions, illustrations or just being sick after traveling some good hours inside a bus, feel free to come and talk xDxD


Have fun!!!


you too my friend!!


To be fair, shitting outside the litter box is bad no matter how close it was. It’s either in or out.


Have a pleasant trip! We’ll wait for your return :wink:

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Have a good time! ^^


I think context matters. Like, if the fluffy was trying to get to the litterbox, but just couldn’t make it in time, that’s a lot better than the fluffy just going “Fwuffy make poopies whewe fwuffy wan” and deliberately shitting outside the litterbox.

Trying counts for a lot in my book.


Sometimes you have to teach them that though they may try their best, their best just isn’t good enough.


Enjoy and have fun but be careful as well. :pray:

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True, but they might end up learning that they shouldn’t try at all.

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That’s when you beat them extra hard.


Was gonna say this. 5cm or 5 meters out of the litterbox, the fact is now the owner’s gotta clean shit out of the carpet rather than out of litter.

Imagine a human pissing on the floor and trying to justify it because the piss was “bouncin off the toilet seat, it was PRACTICALLY IN THE BOWL!!!” Close enough don’t cut it.


oooh! have a fun trip, man! Get plenty of rest and relaxing done!

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Horseshoes and hand grenades.