Got The Point [By BFM101]

It was a hot summer day, and best friends Lisa and Megan were strolling through the village, both enjoying an ice-cream to cool them on their journey.

As they moved away from the town square and into the more suburban area of their home, the two girls were caught off-guard by a sudden high-pitched voice coming from an alleyway.

“Hewwo? Can mummah hab nummies pwease?”

The two girls looked around until they saw a Fluffy step out from behind some bins, it was a mare, a pastel yellow Pegasus with a white mane although she was very grimy and dirty from her feral life. Despite that though she seemed very happy and smile at Lisa and Megan.

“Hewwo?” The mare repeated. “Can mummah hab nummies pwease?”

Megan put on a fake smile but grimaced, she wasn’t a fan of Fluffies, finding them a little too grating to be cute. Lisa however was a little more welcoming, she wasn’t crazy for Fluffies like other girls she knew, but she found them to be somewhat endearing.

“Hi there.” Lisa said as she knelt down to pet the mare. “Did you say you were looking for food? Is it to feed your babies.”

The mare excitedly nodded her head. “Uh-huh, Butta-fwy am mummah, hab bestesh wingie babbehs, need gib dem wots of miwkies su dey gwow big an stwong an fwy up yu da bwitebaww an gib it wots of huggies.”

Lisa’s giggle distracted Butterfly from Megan’s sarcastic eye-roll, of course a Pegasus would want their children to fly, it’s all they ever talked about.

Lisa kept talking to Butterfly. “Where’s your mate, is he not here?”

Butterfly shook her head but kept smiling. “Speciaw-fwiend gu wook fow nummies, he be bak soon. Mummah jus wan mowe miwkies su babbehs nu git tummeh-huwties.”

“Oh, that’s so cute. May I see them please?”

“Ok nice wady, yu see babbehs.”

As Butterfly led Lisa down the alleyway to a cardboard nest she had made up, Megan whispered in her friends ear.

“What the hell are we doing? I don’t care about some shitrat’s kids.”

“Oh hush Meg, there’s no harm in taking a peek, I haven’t seen any chirpy foals in ages, I just want to take a quick look, then maybe we buy some grapes or something at the corner shop. 20 minutes, then we’re out.”

Megan sighed. “15 minutes, no more.”

Lisa smiled and nodded and jogged after Butterfly, Megan shook her head and took a lick of her ice-cream as she followed her friend deeper into the alleyway.

Butterfly lifted a piece of cardboard with her nose and instantly Lisa let out a long ‘AWWWWW’ noise. As promised, Butterfly’s foals were all there, four of them in total, all bright and colourful with yellows, reds, oranges and greens all split amongst the four foals. They were only a couple days old, still blind and sleepy, each of them burying their faces deeper into the Fluff of their siblings to stay warm, occasionally letting out a little peep.

Lisa was overjoyed to see them all. “Oh, they are just the cutest, you have very pretty babies Butterfly.”

“Fank yu nice wady, yu wan be nyu mummah fow Butta-fwy an babbehs?”

Lisa sadly shook her head. “I’m sorry, my house is too small for you and your babies.”

“Oh. Dat ok, if nice wady gib nummies den Butta-fwy be happies.”

Looking down at the infant Fluff-pile, Megan had to admit that it was an adorable sight, but she very quickly noticed that all the foals were Pegasi, every single one of them.

“All your babies are wingie babies?” She asked Butterfly with just a hint of suspicion.

Butterfly nodded. “Yeh, Butta-fwy am wingie Fwuffy, speciaw-fwiend am wingie Fwuffy, Fwuffy hab aww wingie babbehs, teech dem tu fwy, be bestesh babbehs eba.”

Megan caught the use of ‘Fluffy’ instead of ‘Butterfly’ and knew the mare was lying, the question was how to prove it. Scanning the alleyway she saw nothing to indicate anything… until she caught the slightest of movements coming from behind some dustbins.

And a very quiet, very weak ‘chirp’.

Angered and annoyed, Megan approached the dustbins, Butterfly’s eyes went wide and chased after her.

“Nice wady nu wan gu dewe, dat am gud-poopie pwace, nu smeww pwetty, nice wady nu wan smeww nu pwetty.”

Megan ignored her, put the last of her ice-cream cone on top of the dustbin and moved the barrel to get a closer look, by now Lisa was starting to worry about her friend too.

“Meg? What is it, what are you doing?”

Holding her breath, Megan reached into the dung pile until she felt her fingers brush something solid, she gently took hold of the object and pulled it out.

She turned to Lisa with a tiny, starving, shit-covered brown earthie colt in her hands, and furious eyes glaring at Butterfly.

“What is this?”

Butterfly let out a fart of fear as she refused to make eye-contact with Megan.

“Fwuffy nu knyo.”

“Yes you do. This is your baby isn’t it? You left him here to die in shit.”

Butterfly let out a long ‘Ummmmmm…’ as she tried to think of what to say, until eventually she decided, for God knows what reason, that the truth was the best course of action.

“Dat am dummeh no-wingie poopie babbeh, nu desewve wub ow miwkies, onwy git poopies.”

Megan was annoyed at her assumption being right, Lisa on the other hand, was outright horrified.

“How can you say that? That is your own child, you HAVE to love him.”

“Nu, dat am bad nu-wingie babbeh, mummah onwy wub gud-babbehs.”

“It’s no use arguing with her Lise.” Megan lay a comforting, non-shit covered hand on her friends shoulder. “Fluffies are notoriously bigoted when it comes to colours and types, although this is the first time I’ve seen Pegasus superiority, usually it’s hatred against ‘ugly’ colours like brownie here, or Alicorn.”


“Fluffies with wings AND a horn. Apparently Fluffies can’t distinguish one of their own having both, messes with their head. Here, watch this.”

Megan grabbed her now melted ice-cream cone and broke off the tip of the cone. She then placed the cone-tip onto the forehead of one of Butterfly’s foals, a bright red filly, the sticky puddle of ice-cream kept it attached to her quite nicely.

“Watch this, she’ll see the horn and immediately start insulting her kid because…”



Lisa and Megan both looked on in absolute horror at the sight in front of them, Butterfly hasn’t even hesitated, she had immediately stomped on and killed the red filly, the cone-tip still stuck to what remained of her skull.

What’s worse, Butterfly looked dead fucking chuffed about it.

“Mummah sabe babbehs fwom munstah babbeh, munstah num udda babbehs.”

“That was your own child.” Megan spoke with the shock still lingering on her voice.

“Nu, dat am munstah babbeh, bestesh mummah nu hab munstah babbeh.”

The two girls stood in silence, only the peeps from the brown colt in Megan’s hands and the three remaining foals on the ground filled the air with any noise.

To Megan’s shock, it was Lisa who broke out of her stupor first, and she looked PISSED. Lisa knelt onto the ground and took the cone-tip, sticking it onto another foal, an orange colt.

“Look, there’s another monster.” She spat at Butterfly, the mare’s eyes growing wider at the sight.



Once again, without even thinking, Butterfly stomped on her own child, killing it instantly underfoot. Lisa fumed and grabbed the cone-tip before it could get broken, sticking it onto another foal, a green colt this time.

“Another monster Butterfly, what are you…?”




Megan could almost feel the heat of rage pulsing off of Lisa, and she couldn’t help by feel bad. She knew Fluffies like Butterfly were awful but she had misjudged just how awful, and poor Lisa was too much of a softie to deal with a Fluffy’s level of apathetic cruelty in a healthy manner.

Megan turned the brown foal away from the sights, holding him against her chest to sooth his frantic chirping. Meanwhile, Butterfly looked up at Lisa’s foaming mouth with utter confusion.

“Wai nice wady hab angwies? Mummah jus gibben munstah babbehs foweba sweepies, am gud mummah tu wook afta gud babbehs.”

With her fists clenched tight and her whole body vibrating with anger, Lisa picked up the cone-tip and placed it onto the last foal, a pastel yellow filly, the exact match to Butterfly’s colours.

“You got one more monster. You gonna kill this one too.”

Butterfly looked down, but she didn’t immediately kill the ‘monster’ foal, instead she started to cry.

“Bestesh babbeh? Yu am munstah tuu?”

Lisa felt a small bit of warmth returning to her heart, maybe there was hope for Butterfly after all, maybe she could be a good mother and look past the physical differences and…

“Bestesh babbeh am twik-ee babbeh, mummah nu wub wyin babbeh, make wowstesh munstah hidies. Gu foweba sweepies.”

Lisa closed her eyes to avoid seeing the final splat. In less than five minutes, Butterfly had systematically slaughtered al of her children for the crime of having a fake horn placed on their head.

And once again, Butterfly was smiling about it. “Dewe, nu mowe munstah babbehs, am bestesh mummah.”

Lisa took a deep sigh and picked up the cone-tip, crushing it into crumbs in her hands.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yeh, Butta-fwy gib foweba sweepies tu aww munst… whewe… whewe am munstah babbehs?”

Butterfly’s heart started racing, it was as if for the first time she was realising all of her children were dead, killed by her own hoofs. But… but they had been monsters, she saw the wings AND the horn on all of them, she’d done the right thing by killing the monsters to save her good babies.

But now there was no horn on any of them, and only dead good babies surrounding her.

“Babbehs am foweba sweepies? Butta-fwy gib AWW babbehs foweba sweepies?”

Lisa nodded. “You killed them all, every one of them.”

“Bu, dey wewe munstahs.”

“They were your CHILDREN! You didn’t even stop to think what you were doing, you just killed them. Because you were too FUCKING stupid to realise they never had a horn to begin with.”

Butterfly felt her soul shredding with every word, as much as she tried to deny it, to think of how she’d been tricked, the truth kept eating away at her. She collapsed into the blood pool of her infant children, slowly curling into a ball as the horrors of her actions poisoned her.

“Am wowstesh mummah, wan die. Am wowstesh mummah, wan die.”

Lisa said nothing as she stood up and walked away, Megan following her out of the alleyway.

“Jesus Lise, what was that?”

“I… I don’t know Meg. I thought I was trying to break through to hurt, hoping that I might be able to break through to her, that she’d realise what she was doing and stop before it was too late. But in truth I think I just wanted to hurt her, and taking her kids from her was the only way I could think of in that moment.”

“Well… at least we saved this little guy. You wanna hold him?”

Lisa looked down at the brown colt in Megan’s hands, still curled up and peeping. The sight calmed her down immensely and she happily took him from her friend and cradled him in her arms.

“Hey there Peanut, what’s say we get you home for a bath and a good lunch?”

Megan chuckled. “Peanut? Is that his name now?”

Lisa paused for a second before nodding. “Yeah, it is now.”

The two girls happily rejoined the summer day, sauntering along until the broken wails of a bad mother become nothing more than whispers in the air.


That’s one dummeh mummah.


(The stomped foals arrive in Skettiland. Still with the fake horns on their heads.)

Fluffy Saint Peter: “Wewcome tu Skettiwand, wewe-”
(He sees the fake horns)

Fluffy Saint Peter: “MUNSTAHS!”
(The stomped foals are banished to Sorryland)


Im speechless and like SERIOUSLY she’s that STUPID???

She KNOWS her foals dont have…:man_facepalming: thats the worst programed pegasus bitch ever and her typical bias on her non winged foal

Man i would imagine if her mate gets back, thats either he ended her right there or typical fluffy “not special fwen no mow” and left.

Hope peanut had a better life than the fuck up dumb mother.


Sorry land! I love that!


Fucking stunned at the sheer stupidity displayed by Butterfly. That’s at LEAST grounds for wingie removal too!

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