Gr1m’s Grimoire! [Chapter 12] Art by:Gr1m_1

A collection of topics for everything else I’ve made in the past! :nerd_face:Now reorganized chronologically and now includes things post-booru!

[56178] - Jellenheimer abusing foal as mummah mare watches

[56317] - Easter Foal conclusion!

[56405] - Pocket Monsters!

[56489] - Human Creamsicle abusing Skippy

[56952] - Fluffies vs Bolter rounds

[56987] - Melissa and Skippy!

[57863] - CBCBT - Chirpy Babbeh Cock and Ball Torture animation


[Post Booru] Wub ou boowou sweep well!

0.1 - Discord request: A fluffy made of flames gets no huggies ever

.2 - A redraw of a Puffy Gryphon comic [(WIP link)]

.3 - More Work in Progress from the above mentioned comic!

.4 - Overly Complicated abuse Land vs Sea Fluffies

.5 - Unreleased Valentines Day inspired by Quickhorn [29721]

.6 - A unreleased continuation of [47500] - Weed Fluffs! from Chapter 7 of Grim’s Grimoire!

.7 - A work in progress comic inspired by discord chat about a Fluffy Foal factory

.8 - Fluffy exterminator fanart


Thanks for looking, more to come soon!


Always a pleasure to see your art Gr1m


I expected human Creamsicle to have larger, ahem, “miwkie pwaces”.


Fire Punch Fluffy

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Ah yes, the Bolter.
Perfect for when a feral herd absolutely, positively needs to be turned into red mist.


With the overly complicated contraption, it says if the mummahs do nothing then the foals are fine but if the daddehs do their job then the water and air move? So if both sides did nothing the foals would be fine?

And I’m glad to see a conclusion for the Easter foal.

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Yes! :joy: But the panicked foals will cause the fluffies to keep going even if they are technically ‘safe’ as seen in the picture lmao like the foals won’t drown but they don’t want to be wet either.

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Is Jason’s daughter Melissa named after her mother?

But can it compete against the BFG-9000?

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