Grammar Fluffy (by recreationalsadist)

Bill looked down at his fluffy in disappointment.

“Blue, you know you need to poop in the litterbox.”

Blue the red earthie fluffy hung his head in shame.

“Bwue am sowwy, Daddeh. Twy weawy hawd, but-”

“No ‘buts!’ You have shown improvement and had less bad poops, but-”


Bill was confused.


Blue explained:

“Da gwammaticawwy cowwect way ob sai-ing it am ‘fewer,’ nu ‘wess.’”

Bill’s eyes narrowed.

“So you’re smart enough to correct my grammar, but can’t poop in the litterbox?”


Blue was promptly bludgeoned to death with a dictionary, leaving the world with one less fluffy.


If it was smart enough to know that, it was probably doing it on purpose.

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No lie,I’d love a grammar correcting fluffy ^>^’


The main issue is that fluffspeak isn’t grammatically correct English so there’d inevitably be some confusion. Plus Grammar Fluffies are even more smug than normal fluffies.

I’m disappointed Blue’s name wasn’t actually Stannis



How would your characters deal with being gifted a Grammar Fluffy?

Josef would gaslight it, he would intentionally talk in bad grammar and tell it off for using the correct grammar to try and fuck with its head.

Vincent and Gus would immediately try to breed it to see if they could capitalise on the concept.

Jonathan would just break it’s jaw to shut it the fuck up

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