Green Fluffy Fate part1 (by zBrugnauts)

First two ideas, I recieved a lot, and I’m gonna draw almost them all ^^


How about the little guy eating some spaghetti?


I was the one asking about the Fluffies and Pop Rocks.

Did not know there was a spicy version for pop rocks.

I thought their flavor for a fluffy would taste kinda spicy idk


Cute! You have a wonderful style. :heart:

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Pwetty babbehs mean pwetty mawehs. Gunna protectteh babbehs! Tu da nyu Hewd!

Stares out into the distance and sees a mare traveling with a friend, a Tuffy friend

Hewwow! Pwetty babbehs am safe! Nu meanie munstah oh jewwwy-munstahs cum tu take ou babbehs!

Hewwow fwen! Tankju! Hewd happiest! Wets gu tu biggest Hewd, Daddah Weadaw habbs tinkie pwace choices nao.

They found a little nest, and then ate poprocks lol

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Personally i’m hoping nothing too bad or fatal happens to him.
I’m a hugboxer at heart.

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Poprocks aren’t spicy, tho. They are sweet, though really any flavor they have is kinda overwhelmed by the sensation of having tiny explosions going off in one’s mouth.

I think poprocks would scare the hell out of most fluffies.

The elite abuser knows that the real fun is when you force the fluffy to eat poprocks and then drink Coca-cola.

Thank you for picking my suggestion.

Looks like its a packet of these.

Though other flavors and sensations can trigger the spicy response, and children don’t know the difference. Certain mints, menthol, or alcohols for example.

It would certainly startle them. Though it might depend on era and breed, Pop Rocks used to be WAY stronger when they were first introduced. Nowadays they are very mild reactors.

Might also depend on breed, when canons use breeds. Ones the size of a puppy who’s limbs you can just twist off with an index and thumb finger vs ones the size of a medium-sized dog that can fight like one. Some may just freeze in confusion as they puzzle out the sensation and drool.

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