Green Fluffy Fate part3 (by zBrugnauts)

Other two drawings done uwu
I dunno why the image is cut at the end (like the marshmellow cat paws are cut) but ok

Do you want to hear something? (I just want to say this to someone because it is the first time it happened to me, also sorry if there are grammar errors)
Saturday I was being lazy at school
When I got an email saying that someone hacked my spotify account
I’m from Italy, and there was someone from usa listening music from my account, like, I could turn on and off his volume with my phone buttons wtf
I was scared because he changed my password and I thought he was going to kick me out of my account or something like that
But in around half an hour I found a way to change the password phew
And everything ended here uwu


Spotify undeclared product: FES- Foreign Exchange Spotify~ you can share access to your entire account with someone else and in another country!!!

Board reply to FES: Legal says no. Too many people are going to be confused as to why we’re going to implement this.

~this is the only thing I can think of why your Spotify account went derp. :joy:

You’re on phone, aren’t you? Or a smaller monitor. It looks cut off since you have those % there, but it works, don’t worry :>

These are adorable! This green little guy might just be my favorite fluffy in the community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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