Grendel’s mates by (that1hugboxer)

You are Vicky

Two nights ago

17 foals were killed by some escaped hasbio prototype

You’ve been wanting to breed Grendel for a while now and this seems like the perfect opportunity

You have to get things back on track
After losing all those foals

The feral smarty mare took you up on the offer to be Grendel’s mate

You gave her the name pandora

Grendel and pandora got to it rather quickly

And about two weeks later

She gave birth to a litter of 8 healthy foals

You use a milk feeder to make sure there’s enough milk for all of them

You decide to test a hypothesis

You want to see what happens if you mate a feral with a domestic

You choose a spry older mare named penny ( this was the last time she could have babies anyway)

Grendel apparently wasn’t very picky about his special friends. Most young stallions disliked penny because she wasn’t brightly colored

Two weeks later and something unexpected happened

penny gave birth to one foal

But the foal itself was gorgeous

A cherry red alicorn with violet eyes and a mint green mane

The foal was also female

Now for the final test

You pair Grendel with the most beautiful mare at the farm


Once again Grendel really didn’t care about physical attraction

This time an entire litter of 4 mahogany and 3 dark orange colored foals two alicorns one of each color

Cleo was not happy

“Dummy Gwendew make cweo hab ugwy munsta babies!!!”

Cleo then tries to squash the dark orange alicorn foal

Grendel stops Cleo and pushes her to the ground
In a cold matter of fact tone Grendel puts the fear of God into cleo
“Cweo huwt babbies, Gwendew gib cweo fowevew sweepies.”

One of Grendel’s hooves is placed on Cleo’s windpipe

And in the same tone asks

Cleo looks petrified and unable to speak gives a simple nod

Grendel removes his hoof from Cleo’s windpipe

“Gib miwkies tu aww babbies”

Cleo is appalled by the demand

“Cweo nu wan gib miwkies tu dummy ugwy mun….”

Cleo is interrupted by Grendel’s calloused hoof smacking her head into the dirt

“Gwendew nu ask wha cweo WAN.”

You paired Cleo up with Grendel to see how he would react to a mother rejecting her babies.

It turns out being abandoned by his birth mother gave Grendel zero tolerance for that kind of behavior


Amo este comportamiento .