Gum and Cheese (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 22510 & 22437)

22437 - abandoned alleyway artist_carpdime bubble_gum cry crying feral foal gum helpless rejected sadbox safe separation stuck tears


Two images depicting potential hazards for alleyway foals. Due to their similar themes, and proximity within the archive, they are placed together. Considering the lack of a retrievable archive, this post is pending further information.


lol how many foals/micros are stuck with gum under park benches?


I dunno man: the sale of chewing gum is banned where I live.


Yepperooni. On a sidenote: Carpdimne mentioned on another page that he has a fondness for drawing cheese in the wild.

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I was thinking that it’s hard to not have gum but then realized it’s been over a year at least since I had any! Wild cheese would be a great bait for fluffies, humane trap or kill trap. Solid milkies in their minds.

The more I think about it, the more unsettling it is to have these tiny creatures running around the streets like rats, but talking…


An incentive to spit your chewed gum before saliva really starts to dissolve it.