Habanero breaks the golden rule…. EPILOGUE (Part 5 of 5) (By KeyboardSlap)

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The cast:
Midnight - A young Earthy fluffy with sable fur and a purple mane, and dark blue eyes, raised by NARRATOR from birth.
Habanero - A young unicorn filly, orange-red with green mane and tail. Turned out to be a real bitch. Got riggidy rekt, son
Pickles - An earthy colt, young and full of energy, with green fur and a blonde mane and tail. Dead as fuck, yo
Todd - Abuser who got tiktok/youtube famous for his fluffy torture videos.
Molly - Todd’s wife
Habanero’s family:
Firebolt - Habanero’s bestest baby, a red unicorn girl
Carrots - Habanero’s 2nd favorite, an orange earthy boy Dead
Lemon - One of the yellow twin boys - The earthy Real dead
Banana - One of the yellow twin boys - The unicorn Extra Large Dead with Fries
Celery - The earthy girl with the closest resemblance to Pickles Went on to host SNL… just kidding, dead.
Shamrock - A brownish-green earthy boy CRUNCH
Mahogany - A brown unicorn boy. T_T IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL…
Pomegranate’s (Midnight’s mother’s) family:
Pomegranate - A red mare with black mane and tail.
Cody - Pomegranate’s mate. A royal blue Pegasus stallion with purple mane and tail.
Blueberry - The smarty baby/bestest baby boy, blue like his father with dark blue mane and tail.
Elderberry - A red boy with purple mane and tail.
Blackberry - A black pegasus girl with red mane and tail.
Navy - A dark blue pegasus girl with black mane and tail.
Bean - a brown girl with black mane and tail, who died as a foal.
Cocoa - A brown earthy boy who died as a foal.
two more unnamed foals who were stillborn.

“Can the leg be saved?” I asked the vet, as he inspected Midnight.

He looked at me from over his glasses. “It will cost more than she’s worth.”

“This one’s special… to me anyways.”

“Fluffy limbs are tough to deal with. We will need to perform surgery and replace her knee with a metal one, and then set the bone fragments in place to heal properly. They are prone to atrophying in the best of cases. You will need to make her work out every day to prevent muscle loss, otherwise she might end up with a dead leg, or in the best case scenario, a permanent limp.”

“I’ll do it.”

I had to return a week later for the actual surgery - it took that long to get her new knee.

“OWIES!” Midnight yelped as the vet began to shave the fur of her front leg, in preparation for the surgery.

“It’s ok girl, I know it hurts just try to bear with it, your leg can’t get better without these ouchies. Can’t you give her like an anesthetic or something?”

He shook his head. “Don’t know much about Fluffies, do ya son? They react unpredictably to anesthesia. They can freak out, turn violent, have hallucinations, even die. Hasbio’s labs were a total idiot-factory, they had no idea what they were doing when they tried to play god and make these little abominations.”

The vet gave me a bit for Midnight.

“Listen carefully girl… this is gonna hurt a lot. I won’t lie to you. But you need to sit still, so I’m gonna hold you down. Bite down on this stick when the ouchies start, it will help a lot… and don’t look.”

Tears welled in her big eyes. “Owwies make weggy bettew?”

“Yeah. It’s either this or you lose it forever. You can do it, ok? Just keep telling yourself when you’re all done you get to have sketties, ok?”

“Huuhuu Okay Daddeh…”

I held her down firmly in place - even with the straps on the operating table securing her, it was important that she not move at all. The doctor cut into her leg and she chomped down on the bit as hard as she could, writhing and sobbing and struggling to escape. It took an hour for the vet to open her leg, remove the knee fragments, install the new knee, set the radius bone pieces together, stitch her up, and seal her leg in a cast.

The surgery costed a stupid amount of money. I could have bought a breeding pair of rainbow dash alicorns for as much as Midnight’s surgery. But alas, as long as she was careful, she would get better.

As I walked into the apartment cradling Midnight, a red baby with orange mane and tail came sprinting full-tilt to the fluffy gate keeping her out of the entryway.

“Daddeh! MUMMEH! MUMMEHMUMMEHMUMMEH! Fiwebowt miss yu su much! Mummeh wook! Fiwebowt is su fast now!”

She demonstrated her need for speed by running in circles hilariously slowly given all her bragging.

I brought Midnight to my beg and laid her down, surrounding her with pillows to make her comfortable.

“Daddeh!!! Nu Faiw! Fiwebowt nu can cwimb cwimbyfings! wan see mummeh! Pweasepweasepwease!”

“Alright alright settle down. But remember, no playing with Momma yet, she still has leg booboos.”

I picked up her up and sat her on the bed with some blocks to play with, and she gave Midnight cuddles and sang to her, badly.

I prepared her ‘sketties’ and brought them to her on the bed. I bottlefed Firebolt and returned her to Midnight for a cuddle.

three months later

“Alright! What’s the first thing you wanna do once the cast is off?” I asked Midnight as she lay in a field with Firebolt - now a full-fledged Filly, almost as big as Midnight herself.

“Midnite wan wun an’ pway! Fiwebowt wan wace wit mummeh?”

“Ya! Fiwebowt pway wacies!”

I rolled my eyes. “I swear if you over-do it and get another injury I’m selling your toys.”

I took a pair of scissors and cut the cast free. Midnight stood on her own power for the first time in a long time. She was apprehensive at first, unsure if her leg still possessed any of it’s old strength. Sure enough though, she took her first step on it, then her second, and soon enough she was running with Firebolt, happy and free.

We stayed out on the trails for the whole day, enjoying the autumn weather, only leaving once the sun began to set.

That evening, I found Midnight and Firebolt cuddled on my bed in Midnight’s usual spot. Firebolt was dead asleep but Midnight was still awake. I crawled into bed, facing them for a change.

“Daddeh?” Midnight said.

“Yes girl.”

“Tank yu fow wetting Midnite keep wittwe babbeh… Midnite wub Fiwebowt su much… Midnite su happies ebewy day nao, nebew ebew hab heawt huwties again!”

“I’m glad you’re happy. Goodnight Midnight.”


Sigh… “Yes girl?”

“Midnite wub yu.”

“Love you too. Go to sleep.”


“Yes. Girl.”

“Midnite wan babbehs.”


The End

So that’s that! I hope you guys liked this story, it was my first one for the community, so I apologize if it wasn’t all that great. I really appreciated all the comments and feedback, hearing everyone’s thoughts made this so easy to write!
I said before I have other story ideas, so I’ll be taking a break for a bit and then I’ll be back with another story. I’ll let you guys choose which you’d prefer me to write next, but keep in mind I do intend to write both eventually, so if your choice doesn’t win, it’s ok.
A Colt and his Dog - A young colt befriends a “Bawkie munstah!” Adventure ensues when he encounters some unsavory feral fluffies.
Emerald in the Wild - The domestic Emerald runs away in order to have babies. Some very hard lessons will be learned.


The unexpected laugh I made when reading that ending was so loud I accidentally startled my cat awake ;w;

Such a good story though, I absolutely love your writing!


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I would let her have babies, she looks like a good mummah. That or i would put her to sleep before she wakes up and take her to the vet to neuter her then like about herbeing unable to have babies.


That was stupid to pay to fix a fluffies leg. I wouldn’t pay that for a dog, but a biotoy? Nah.


Shocker, people are willing to pay for the ones they love lol

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