Half fluffy half demon. Ch 11, doctor soul, insta healer. (dragon_not_found)

wise choice on the last chapter. I must say, visiting a quarantine zone/healing zone is a gold mine for icar. This will give you a fuck ton of souls, and he’ll be able to use magic normally. Now, I’m a bit hungry for some hugbox. This series has leaned too much into abuse, and I NEED to balance that, so here goes attempt 2 at a hugbox.

You felt sick. Icar tortured you so that he could kill innocent fluffies, he even killed a look-alike of ammo, thankfully that was a filly, not a colt. Then your father snatched you up, thinking about your ability to do magic.
icar? Can you heal?
no. But on the bright side, I won’t need to “kill innocent fluffies”
You get up as your father turns out, and you follow.
All around the orchard is nests with tall grass between them acting as walls, and by tall, I a mean 1 foot tall.
you kept walking until you reached a hill. in front of you is a massive great oak tree leaninng off on it’s side, like this:
, overshadowing a lot of fluffies and a garden of sorts
“oba dew am chiwpie an’ tawkie babbah shewtah fow mawes who wan sweepies” he motions to a 5 way fork in the ground level branches where. interestingly enough, 4 mare toughies where guarding the massive rainbow of a fluff pile.
”oba dew am big nummie piwe” he motions to the tree trunk’s base where a rather impressive pile of fruit was on display and fluffies of all sizes were delivering and taking some food.
”an oba dew am hewt an’ sickie fwuffy pwace” he motions ahead, where you are currently walking. you see a rather large cluster of ferns and big-leaf plants.
rosemary, basel, bay leaf, brown mustered, this must be the centerpiece of the orchard, that explains why there’s no trees nearby. so if we are in the center of the herd, the leader has to be nearby. something tells me he lives on that oak tree
‘shut it’
no, YOU shut it you dont know how he does it, as you immediately shut up.
you coninue to follow your father, he enters a tunnel, makes a few turns, and leads you to a very beat up almost adult fluffy(broken leg, and skull, caved in ribs, no brain damage yet.). his soul is very dim, a mere speck compared to your perfectly healthy father, and is ready to release itself, but he doesn’t want to die yet. you look around, and notice a mare sobbing and praying “pwease pweas metaw, nu go fowva sweepies! wan babbahs! wan be 'ou specail fwend!”.
you feel sorry for her, but you know icar doesn’t have healing magic. nothing can be done for this young stallion… unless, you didn’t know exactly what you were feelling, but one thing was sure: you needed to save this fluffy. you walked forward, unsure of what to do. as you get closer you can see the two barely holding on chain link that’s keeping the soul into the body. one is completely snapped off, but a glue-like substance is barley keeping it together. you put your hooves onto his side and close your eyes. immediately, you feel… like you are reaching out to the stallion with something beyond your understanding, and you feel them. you wiggle them around freely, until you feel a chain. you feel a broken link in the chain, and you begin to press the two peices. you press harder, and harder, and harder, until you feel them become solid again. you feel around and do the same to a second link.
you’re broken out of this trance, and you open your eyes.
w- wh- WHAT!?!?!? what in the name of satan himself was THAT?
you look around, the mare has her hooves covering her mouth and is looking at you like you are the messiah. " 'ou, make biggest wosest hurties gu away? nu need huggies?!"
your father looks disturbed, but like he saw that coming. but there’s someone new. a visibly very jacked dark red earthie with an orange mane and scars from many different hoof beatings. he runs up to what you presume is his colt “METAW! am ‘ou nu hab wowstes’ owwies nu mowe? how?”
owwies dat wouwd be souw!”
the glare of the mega fluffy monster, you almost never use the word “monster”.
“tigah, take dis babbah away, den wepowt back to swowd” the mega fluffy monster commanded your father, who immedietly escorted you back home.
“BWUDDAH SOUW! sissies scawed of ammo. can 'ou hewp?”
you feel really tired, but respond anyways. “otay, souw wiww hewp. nu can pwomas, doe”
and you grudgingly walk over onto the nest, and Icar says I’ve collected 3 additional souls while we were there. but that stunt you pulled, we need to look into.

sooo, the alicorn desensitization session will only work on them not fearing ammo. any other alicorn, they fear. but that’s off topic. we come at a cross-roads: what should i do next? status quo will stick around, but your actions in those events will change the characters. right now, tiger has only 1 goal: raise his children, but you can give him more. sword is an asshole, but has standereds that he will banish/kill if breatched.

what happens to the litter and the herd?
  • rival herd invasion, easily repelled.
  • rival hellgremlin herd invasion, serious invasion.
  • FAMILY REUNION! “eee!, nu wan be enfie mawe”
  • jellen encounter (red)!
  • jellen encounter (green)!
  • jellen encounter (royal)!
  • we didn’t start the fire~
  • who knew PTSD could be this bad?
  • POV in someone else (comments)
  • fucking finally not ignoring cammo (seriously, ya’ll abandoned her)
  • filler for if you want something else but nothing catches your eye.
  • another filler to fill your belly with
  • taking a niiiiiiiiice way to end the seriesI(suicide)

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Hi mom “eth eth eth”

no no no, no more controversial stories.
it’s also “enf”, not “eth”

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Cammo? Who is Cammo? I don’t know no fluffy called Cammo

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Name all of the babies tiger had, I want to see your error.

Stone, Grass, Ammo and Soul. Those are all of Tiger’s foals.

This is a joke btw. I know about Cammo lol

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@dragon_not_found Can you use more colors in your graphs? Or different ones? They’re kinda blending together for me.

i got no idea how…

you missed somone, have you herd of dirt?


Oh god damnit I forgot

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A demon dominated by a foal, prepare yourself to be hell’s laughtstock, if you can ever return of course

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he’s prepeared

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