Half fluffy, half demon. chapter 28, doctor soul works his magic.

ok, original plans aborted. Why? Because I promised an encounter with the cannibal fluffy, and last chapter didn’t deliver, with only 5 paragaphs… So today I’m making up.

You were at the helm again, this time without any chance of being thrown off. You had made your choice, and you know it’s the right thing to do because of how many wrong icar has forced you to do. You take a step forward, seeing the forming soul fragments outside of the soul. Both metal and water have fragments outside of their soul, their injuries, and they are trying to get back in, but only a speck passes into it every minute.
can you warp me on the table, and warp the two of them in front of me?
soul, no. we are on a schedule. we need to get back soon. besides, you are waisting youro power.
you conjure an image of you holding a cross like a weapon I. dont. care. do. it. icar would later describe your will to do this similar to that of a honey badger, but you dont know what a honey badger is.
ok, okay, chill out
the floor bellow you flashes into that of the table, as well as your position. you are on the pillow of a weird plastic wrap covered bed, metal and water are teleported in front of you, they both collapse forward as if they where leaning against the wall. you approach them as they share an embrace, one of water’s legs are wrapped up while metal’s entire side is bandaged. you clear your throat, metal is the first to notice you.
“souw? wah am ‘ou doin hewe? hao di’ 'ou geh hewe?”
“gibin’ ‘ou nu mowe owwies, an’ souw hab ways, nao howd steww”
you close your eyes and are about to start the process, when you are yanked from metal, and begin drowning in water… the fluffy. whelp, might as well, you close your eyes and focus.
you focus on what you can hear. her heart beat, her soul’s essence, your mother trying to find salvation, and you reach out with something… familiar. it’s beyond comprehension, yet you understand it, feel it, move it, and touch her chain. you are not here to inflict, and you move your appendages along the chain. at both ends, a sudden resistance stops you, but on the left end you feel something beyond the bubble. you push the barrier, and it flexes with your push. you push around the edges of the fragment, and capture it inside a bubble of the soul’s membrane. you, not really knowing what to do, crush it. with all of your force. the membrane begins to get smaller and dust is everywhere, but it homes back to the location it should be, and you open your eyes as a sudden tiredness washes over you.
"ooooooo, das hao dat wowks. metal was looking at you with awe, and for expediency sake, you do the same thing you did to water. when you are done, you pass out for a second, and wake up to the couple mid-enf. the audible and visible force behind each thrust from metal was, a disturbing and uncanny sight, so icar quickly warped you down to the cannibal mare and your mother, who had gone into a stress induced coma. the cannibal mare notices you, and speaks with fresh blood around her teeth and a creepy look.
“HEwwow pwetty nummie babbeh, wewe am ‘ou mummah an’ daddeh? come cwosah su dat ofewa can nu- gib huggies an’ wub”
now normally, this would send up a red flag the size of Asia, but you are nearly passed out, so you take a step forward. " ‘ou am nummin’ munsta mummah."
"o… weww, wan tu gib da munsta sowwie hoofsies?’
you where about to say something, but are cu off by icar warping you under the bed and messaging ammo about it. you feel robbed, but are too tired to complain, and fall asleep. however, you felt icar stirring without a need for rest, so your abillity’s draw back must only affect you.

yep, soul is out of action for the rest of the collab, which grants icar more freedom. also, the coin has spoken, and a quarter of the doors are getting busted down, this includes the runs because they had to be accessed somehow.

choose names for water and metal’s foals. the names will affect their coloration
  • osmeum
  • steel
  • titanium
  • c4
  • tin
  • lead
  • mythril
  • iron
  • francium
  • plutonium
  • zync
  • uranium

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if you have another metal/alloy. then please tell me.

exactly how smart is twig? the number shares that he’s on par with that age group of human. remember, he is essentially Einstein.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

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Let me see, other metals-

Rust is the obvious one when you mix iron and water!

Other metals, especially ones that are resistant to rusting via exposure to water-
Brass, Platinum, Aluminum, Nickel


Noted. Those will be the manes

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I think c4 would be a funny name


It’s a metal, a known explosive, you can see their personality.

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