Halloween Bonfire (AMDk7)


for @bunnybunnyhops
I took a liking to their character pyro
A snarky fluffy that likes to burninate ? How could I resist.

I didnt mean to make Pyro look so enthusiastically psycho here, but it works


This gives me an idea for marshmallow fluffies.


Oh good, can’t wait to see what you can come up with.

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Marshmallow Fluffies is the idea, I have no plans on writing a story or anything like that.

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Fair enough.
I’m sure people can think of something.


It happens so often that an idea appears and then gets forgotten in the comments. Write it down somewhere, maybe at some point someone will ask for ideas.

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Might something in the background.
It looks a bit empty.

Updated it with a slightly edited version.
a back ground of sorts
And Pyro practicing good fire safety, by having open fire and a lighter near open petrol tanks.

I like it. It is something they would do if they could.

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Glad you like it.

I left out the slit pupils i was afraid i might mess them and the expression up.
Pyro might be “toasting” a marshmellow fluffy there.