Halloween Hijinks [by ChungusMyBungus]

Happy Halloween, assholes.
In true Halloween style I’ve decided to gift you all with two stories: one hugbox and cute, the other abusive and dark. This is the cute one. Enjoy!

“Now remember, Magic,” Wanda said as she put the finishing touches on their outfits. “Stay close to Mama Wanda, okay? There’s going to be a lot of people outside tonight, and some of them might have fluffies. You remember what I taught you?”
“Yus.” Magic said, thinking hard. “Awways stay cwose to Mummah Wanda, awways wisten to Mummah Wanda, nebah hide fwom Mummah Wanda. Did Majik get it wight?”
“Yes, that’s correct. Good girl.” Wanda said, giving Magic’s head a light stroke. “And you remember what you’ve to say when people open their doors?”
“Yus, uhm…” Magic paused, thinking again. “Ooh! Uh, ‘Twicky-tweat’?”
“Sure, that’ll do.” Wanda said with a smile.

She gave them both one last look over in the mirror and decided they were ready.

Wanda took Halloween seriously, it was her favourite holiday of the year. Better than Christmas, better than Thanksgiving, better than… whatever the fuck people celebrated in September.
This year, she’d decided to bring Magic along for the ride, and had put together an outfit for them both. Wanda was dressed as a witch (her favourite thing about Halloween), with the typical pointy hat, a broomstick in her hand, and an oh-so-playfully short skirt around her thighs, just for a little bit of fun.
Magic, meanwhile, had been fitted out to resemble a witch’s cat. Her jet-black fur and mane already helped, so Wanda had used some chalk to draw white whiskers on Magic’s face, and had wrapped some hair-ties around Magic’s tail to make it thinner and less poofy. From a distance, she did look a little like a cat. The only thing marring that effect was the bright orange pumpkin bucket she was holding by the handle in her mouth.
Wanda checked them both over. The witch with the blood-red eyeshadow and her black cat by her side. They looked great.

The door opened, revealing an older woman with a fluff of pure white hair atop her head, and thick glasses covering her eyes.
“Trick or treat!” Wanda sang.
“Wanda? Is that you?” The elderly woman asked. “Goodness, dearie, aren’t you a little old for that sort of thing?”
“I am, yes, but this is little Magic’s first Halloween.” She replied, crouching down and petting Magic’s head.
“Twicky-tweat!” Magic mumbled around the handle of her bucket.
“Oh, isn’t that just precious!” She cooed at the little black fluffy pony.
With a gnarled, withered hand, she reached into a glass bowl of candy by the door and dumped a generous handful into magic’s bucket, letting the hard candies and soft toffees land with a clatter inside the cheap plastic pumpkin. Magic’s eyes lit up as she saw the variety of lovely candies being dumped into her bucket… and there were still so many more to get!!!
“Now what do you say, Magic?”
“Fank yoo!” Magic replied, again around the handle of her bucket.
“Any time, darling. You too, Wanda!” The elderly woman replied as she closed her door.

And so it continued, as Wanda and Magic made their way back and forth across the street. At every door, Magic’s pumpkin bucket grew heavier with more and more delicious candies (and a few peanuts and apples from the stingier types), and after only five houses she was struggling to carry it any further.
“Just one more house, okay hon?” Wanda promised.
“O-otay mummah Wanda…” Magic replied, panting for breath as she struggled to lift her heavy bucket of candy. Wanda was already making her way up the winding garden path as Magic braced herself to lift the heavy bucket once more, when she heard something from behind her.
A kind of groaning, shuffling sound.

Magic turned her head slowly, and froze in terror.
She saw a woman with ghastly green-grey skin, her face covered in bloody scabs and cuts, her eyes white and sunken into blackened sockets. Her clothes were torn and smeared with blood and dirt, and she shuffled along, dragging one leg behind her.
“Gruuuhh…” The zombie groaned as she dragged herself closer to Magic. “Braaains… braaains…”
Magic stood perfectly still, too scared to move.
Then the zombie spoke again.
“Uh, I mean… fluffy brains…”
That tore it.

Magic, forgetting her candy bucket, forgetting Wanda, immediately took off and sprinted down the street as fast as she could.
“Magic?!” Wanda shouted, stepping out of the garden just in time to see her black fluffy pony bolting into the distance.
“Wanda?” The zombie said. “Aw, shit, was that Magic?”
“Yeah, and you just scared the shit out of her, Becca.” Wanda replied. “C’mon, help me catch her! And grab her candy bucket while you’re at it!”

Magic tore off down the streets, taking random turns as she went, tihnking only of putting distance between her and the gruesome, shambling zombie.
She turned a corner and stopped to catch her breath, but froze again as she saw another figure standing before her, this time turned away. But as it heard her wheezing for breath, it turned slowly.
She saw a man with snow-white skin, black hair and huge sharp teeth protruding from his mouth, with oozing trickles of dark red running from the tips of his teeth down his chin and spattering onto his otherwise-immaculate (and rather fancy) clothing.
“HALLO LITTLE FLUFFEH!” He bellowed in a funny accent. “CAN I SOCK YOUR BLOD?!”
“SCREE! NU TAKE BWOOD! MAJIK NEE’ BWOOD!” Magic squealed as she turned and ran again, disappearing back down another street.

She ran and ran and ran until she couldn’t run anymore and collapsed to the ground, her tiny lungs burning, her eyes full of tears.
“AHOY!” A gruff voice shouted. Magic’s eyes creaked open and she gasped.
A towering figure stood before her, one leg missing and replaced with a wooden peg, one hand missing and replacing with a shiny metal hook. He looked down at her, with a big gray beard around his chin and a black patch over one eye. He opened his mouth and snarled at her.
“EEP!” Magic squeaked before bolting away again, leaving a small trail of dust as her hooves kicked at the ground.

She turned a corner, ready to sprint down the new street, until she saw what lay at the end of it.
There was a huge fat man with a grotestque rotund belly, his skin a sickening shade of horrible yellow, with almost no hair on his dome-like head. As he plodded down the street towards where Magic stood, trembling in fear, he opened his mouth and bellowed “MMMM… DONUTS…”
Magic let out a peep of fear and scurried away as quickly as her tiny hooves could carry her, darting between the legs of other trick-or-treaters as she fled.

Magic was miserable. She was lost, she was scared, all she wanted was to find her way home, back to mama Wanda… but she couldn’t! Everything was dark, everybody looked scary…
Magic ducked into a bush as two people walked past. One was wearing a silver suit with a big glass bubble on his head, the other was wearing a shiny pink outfit with a wide skirt around her waist. Magic didn’t know what kind of monsters they were, but they had to be some kind!
“Huhuhu… wan Mummah Wanda…” She sobbed quietly as she buried her face in her hooves. “Wan gu home… miss Mummah Wanda…”
There you are!” A voice suddenly called.
Magic let out a quiet ‘eep’, but looked up, and relaxed at last.

“Okay, okay hon…” Wanda cooed, stroking Magic’s head as Becca jogged up, her milky white contact lenses removed so she could see better.
“Hey, you got her?”
“Yeah, she’s a little spooked but she’ll be okay. You still got-”
“Right here.” Becca said, hoisting up Magic’s bucket of candy. Wanda smiled and took it from her.
“Thanks, see you on Monday, Becks.”
The zombie blew a kiss at them both before replacing her lenses and going back to shambling around the streets to terrorise kids. Wanda loved Halloween… but Becca loved it for slightly different reasons.

“Hey, Magic.” Wanda whispered. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Magic opened her tear-filled eyes nervously, and looked around… finally spotting the bright orange pumpkin bucket.
“Tweaties!” Magic sang, smiling through her tears.
“That’s right. Now what say we go home and eat some, huh?”
“Otay, Mummah Wanda!” Magic warbled, burying her face in Wanda’s shoulder as they walked home together.

As they walked, Wanda faintly heard Becca shout ‘BOO!’, followed by some crying, an angry voice shouting ‘Stop scaring my kids!’, then Becca replying with ‘Fuck off, it’s Halloween!’

Some time later…

The only sounds in the lounge were the slurping sound of Magic working through a jawbreaker, the crinkle of wrappers as Wanda opened one of the soft toffees, and the faint slightly-spooky ambiance of some old cartoons that were playing on the TV. Wanda watched as Casper the Friendly Ghost accidentally scared some people off, and smiled, looking down at Magic. All the terror of the night was forgotten, as she happily slobbered her way around her hard candy reward for all her hard work.
Wanda loved Halloween.


‘For the last time, leave my kids alone or I’m calling the police!’
‘Fuck you, they’re already looking for me anyway!’


I’ve been thinking about making Wanda & Magic into recurring characters, with Magic mostly getting herself into situations of light trauma, mostly through her own stupid fault, with Wanda off to the side giving a ‘Oh you!’ look the entire time.


I like the idea!

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