Hand of Nature: Wind (By 7svendye)

In the eye of the tornado, there’s no more high and low, no floor and sky.
Francis Alys

The Sight of a Tornado will fill a man with dread as it is a force of nature that grabs everything in its presence and devours them. It has the strength to strip the materials of man’s buildings and the strength to strip the flesh from a man. In the state of Texas Tornados are as common as breathing

Our Story will start in an alleyway in the city as a small fluffy herd makes its new home, across from the fluffy herd is gorging themselves on trash and uneaten food. A yellow and pink mare is feeding her foals as two are drinking as many milkies as they can one on the left tit is a young filly of a light red color with a budding green mane who has entered her talkie stage of her life, the other however was a very obese foal of a lighter yellow color who opened his eyes some time ago, however, the little foal was unable to talk since he was born with Sensitive baby syndrome, making him more dependent on his mother and milk, One a yellow color foal had his fill of milkies early and was playing with a cheap bouncy ball that any human would from one of those cheap quarter machines. This mare is named Sunny, she is a runaway from a breeding mill that had been raided in a police raid after it was discovered that the owner was also running a pot farm underneath the mill as a means to help with the income of his businesses.

“Mama wub babbhies, babbhies wub mama, dwink wots of milkies gow up big an stwong” sang the former breeding mare as she was feeding her two hungry babbhies.

Unlaching from her mama’s milkie place the little filly looked up at her mama with a big one-tooth grin.

“Mama can babbhie pway wid budda?”

“Babbhie can go pway wid bwudda” the mare smiled fondly at her babbhies and how happy they were.

The mare then looked down at her “Special” babbhie who was still drinking his mother’s milk. The mare smiled with the biggest heart happy, since in her old home the meany dumb humans would take her babbhies whenever they would reach their talky age which left her with the BIGGEST heart huwites.


Sunny looked at the end of the alleyway, her special friend, the smarty of her herd A baby blue fluffy with a brown bowl cut, was looking at a nearby fluffy-mart, the display showed two healthy and happy foals who had never experienced the struggles of hunger and danger. Sunny Smarty hated that whenever they wondered the harsh nature of Texas to the just as harsh cities they were always chased away by dummy hoomens who would give forever sleepies to his herd or huwties.

“dummy fuwffy, it nu faiw, am bestest smaty why hab tu num nu pweety nummies”

He hated that other fluffies got food and love, since many of those fluffies in the store were dummy munsters or poopies that deserved forever sleepies but the dummy hoomnes still give nummies and new daddhes and mama’s. He was the bestest smarty how come those dummy get all the good stuff while he had to eat trash and deal with a dummy-sensitive babbhie. Stewing in anger he did not notice one of his herd mates a yellow and dirty fluffy coming up behind him.

“Smaty fuwwy hab tum-”

the fluffy was unable to finish his sentence and his smarty gave him sorry hoffsies, he kept beating and beating his herd mate until the yellow fluffy head was nothing more than a giant red mark. The herd could only stare in terror at what their smarty did and the deranged look in his anger-filled eyes.

“Wha dummy wooking at, DUMMIES!!!” yelled the angered filled fluffy

The herd was going back to what it was doing, as they smarty continued to despise the hard life he was born into.

In the fluffy-mart, a bored out of his mind fluffy-mart employee was watching the weather report as he had no customers whatsoever. In a cage next to him was a cream-colored fluffy pegasus stallion with a red mane who was looking out of the store window, seeing the fluffy herd in the alleyway. The people in the store called him Cupcake since his fluff and his mane reminded the boss of a cupcake he was eating. See folks Cupcake was born in the store and he loved to explore since he was a little foal, and when he looked outside for the first time Cupcake wanted to go out there and explore, but he could not since he needed a hoomen to leave the store.

“Cupcake wan expowe” the fluffy said in a longing voice.

It is then the TV made a scary noise.

Then another loud noise is then heard everywhere.

The young man at the counter was beginning to freakout and was freaking out the fluffies in the store. As he was grabbing his coat the phone began to ring, trying to ignore it the man was grabbing his stuff until the ringing got to the guy.



“Mr. Big, uh…sorry about calling you a…”




“But sir, there’s a…”

“No sir,…Ok, I’ll do it…” the young man then hangs up the phone with a tired look on his face.

“A fucking force of nature is coming this way and my boss cares more about profits”

The young man then began to take certain fluffies from their cages and brought them to the backroom basement to be secured. He got every type of fluffy he could from their best color foals, mama surprises, alicorns, and sea fluffs. He was going to grab Cupcake and the row his friends were in until a loudspeaker truck passed by.


Hearing the warning the young man panicked as he looked outside and then back at the fluffies.


Running to the register the young man took as much cash as he could and bolted out the door leaving it open along with many other fluffies of the fluffies in the store confused.

“wewe nice mistwe go?”

“Why meanie hoomne tak babbhies?”

“Nu wike scwawy noices”

Outside the store the smarty saw the dummy hoomen run out of the big fluffy houseie and seeing the door wide open, he began to smile.

“Wook dummys, dummy hoomen weave big fuwffy housie, huwwy befowe dummy hoomen com baksie”

The smarty booked it to the store his herd not to far behind him, however, Sunny was staying behind due to the fact the voomie monster said something scary that made her uneasy as she stopped her foals from going across the street.

“mama, why nu follow daddhie?”

“daddhie fin nummies an housie mama”

peep cheep

The foals all voice their concern, but Sunny just had a bad feeling. At what was coming and why all the humans were running and the voomy munster that was telling the hoomnes to run .

With the store now open the herd began to look in wonder at all the food, toys, litter pals, and other shiny stuff that the store had it is then the feral fluffies saw some other fluffies in sorry boxes, and in turn the store fluffies saw the dirty fluffies outside of their cages.

“new fweinds, pewase hewp fuwffies out ob sowwy box”

“Ne find spcewil fweind an babbhies!”

“wan nummies!”

“Pwease hewp”

The smarty saw all the other fluffies and doing what smarty do best he tried to use fear and Intimidation.

“dummy fuwffies uo, am paw ob smawty hewd, aww toysies and nummies gu to smawty”

peep cheep peep cheep cheep

The smarty then looked up at one of the open pins as he heard chirpy babbhies.

“dummy babbhies, smawty wan enfies, yu am enf babbhies now”

The smarty tried to reach to where the little foals were, but due to his short stature he could not reach.

“Dummy hewd, hewp smawty tu hab enfie babbhies”

Two fluffies then went to help their smarty, when they heard a loud crash. Every fluffy in the store looked and saw that a large rock thing had crashed at the display window, by pure luck the teen employe had gotten the display fluffies in the basement before he ran and robed the store.

Outside the store Sunny noticed that the winds were getting stronger to the point that one of her babbhies almost flew away. Grabbing her babbhies, she ran for cover in one of the knocked down cans and hid her babbhies in the can.

“babbhies nu weave hidy can, stay an wat fow mama hab tu ge daddhie an fweinds”

Running to the store, to warn her herd, Sunny could only stare in terror at the large gray munster that was getting closer to where her babbhies and her herd were.

“HEWD WUN MUN-” the mare is unable to finish her sentence as she is then crushed by a flying dumpster.

The dumpster makes an unpleasant screeching noise on the road as it flys away leaving the splattered remains of sunny.

The herd could only stare in terror at what had happened to one of their own.

“WUN WAY!!!”

The herd then scattered as some would hide in certain places in the store while others would run out of the store. The fluffies that would run out of the store would meet a grizzly end.

“WUN SPECIWL FWDEIND NE-URK!!!” A darl blue fluffy that was running with his mate is struck in the head by a stop sign.

“NU!!! SPW-” The Mare is then decapitated by a flying tire before she could utter a word.

For the fluffies that ran from the store, many were crushed by flying debris from items like safes, logs, dumpsters, and other heavy objects. Some fluffies were lucky and did not get crushed, but were instead hit by smaller objects.

“huhuhuuuuhu wan ma-” The fluffy is then Impaled through the eye by a soda can, as he collapses dead on the ground and his body then carried away by the winds.

Back in the store the smarty was trying to get his herd under control, but the panic continued on, due to the fact of Cupcake and his store friends screaming and crying of being let.



Even the miserable litter-pals screamed to be saved


Every fluffy screamed, cry, shat themselves in fear of how the winds were getting louder. Cupcake wanted out, but due to how secure the cage was, he would not be able to flee the store. As Cupcake was suffering a panic attack the smarty was not doing any better, no amount of yelling would get them to calm down.

“DUMMYS WISTEN TU SMAWTY MUNSTEW NU GE HEWD IB-” A cracking sound is heard across the store, it continues on as it gets louder. Time stands still for they fluffies in the store.
It is then the roof of the store is ripped open by the Tornado, as it was sucking up everything. The first to go were the foals and litter-pals, due to their weight they were sucked in Immediately. one mama tried desperately to hold to her babbhie with what strength she had by using her teeth.

“BABBHIE!!! nu fwt away fowm mama am tu widdile fo upssie!!!” her words were muffled though as she held the tail of her little foal

“MAMA HEWP BABBHIE!!!”, The peguses foal cried and shit as he was being lifted up, and although he wished to fly, he did not want to fly to the windy munster.

The Mama held on as best she could when all of sudden she began to taste booboo justice, she then noticed her babbhies little tail was beginning to rip. Through tears and pain the foal tail, spine and all were ripped from the babbhie as she screeched in pain and was sucked in by the winds.

“NU BESTEST BABBHIE!!!” It is then the mama noticed that she was also being lifted up.

“NU HEWP MAMA SCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee…” The mare is sucked into the tornado following her babbhie.

Many more fluffies are sucked into the tornado, as some try to run away. The smarty ran to one of the open sorry boxes hoping it would protect him from the windy munster numming his herd. One fluffy tried using a lose wire to try and not get sucked in by the tornado. He then felt tremendous pain as he saw that his skin was beginning to rip, as the strength of the twister was too much for him to the point it was skinning him alive. His skin then ripped off form the harsh winds.


The pain did not stop as the harsh winds then began to skin him again, ripping his muscle, until they two were striped from him, leaving a mess of bones and organs as the winds then sucked those up too. The fluffies within the boxes hope they would be safe from the munster, when they heard a scary screeching noise as their cages were the ripped from the wall as the store fluffies were sucked in as well.



The little sensitive color foal was crying and peeping for his mama hoping that she would make the scary noises stop. The Yellow colt then began to puff out his cheeks and give his sensitive brother sorry hoofsies.


“Nu hit bwuda, he am sensitive, wub sen-” the foal was unable to continue as she noticed that their hidy can was being to move in fact it was…FLYING!!!


The Foals and the trash can are sucked into the tornado becoming part of its collection. It was a sea of debris and objects floating in the weightless winds. Within the tornado you could spot many fluffies within this force of nature. A purple mama is trying to use her useless wings to try and save her babbhies as her nest was floating away, she could do nothing as her babbhies cried, peep, and chriped for their mama.


The foals continued to cry and peep for their mother when their nest was smashed by a flying car, the mama could only stare in stunned silence as the winds dragged her away. A soon mama tries to move her limbs in hopes of saving herself and her tummy babbhies, it is the force of the winds that eject her from the tornado at high velocity. Her destination Big Tony Italian Restaurant.


It was by pure chance that the mama did not end up as paste but instead broke through the window, shattering glass and cutting her up and yet somehow she was still alive. Bleeding and in pain the mama could only choke on her blood and it leaked on to the floor of the restaurant.


It was then she felt something squirm out of her tummy and hit the floor with a small splat.

peep cheep cheep peep

A chirpy babbhie had crawled out of one of her wounds that was on her abdomen, soon more would follow as four more splats would be heard.

peep cheep hu hu peep

Hu huuuhu peep peep

peep peep cheep


One of the chirpy’s would end up falling on a piece of glass as it screeched in pain and bleed like its mama. The other newborns began to chirp and peep in fear due to the pain that their sibling was going through, one newborn attempted to reach for his mama’s milky place, he began to suckle when he spit out the milkies since his mama’s blood was mixed into it.


The mama tried to reach for her babbhies, who were crying in pain, fear, and hunger but her wounds would lead to her death, and in turn her babbhies would starve as their mama’s milk had been tainted by their mother’s blood, it would be hours until hunger would take the newborns.

The smarty held on for dear life as the box was shaking and turning, making him feel sick. It is then the smarty felt the box shake, at the entrance of the box the smarty saw a fluffy that he did not recognize as it was hanging on to the entrance of the box.



Smarty then kicked the fluffy in the face as he is then sucked in by the twister. The smarty would face karma though as a brick struck the box the smarty was hiding in, as he is then he was flung from the box.

“SKEEEE, sabe smawty!!!”

The once scary smarty began to cry and scree as he was flying in the weightless vacuum. It is then he smells a familiar scent, it is then his right weegie is then struck by the body of one of his toughies whose head was split open by a piece of rebar, and the force of the strike takes his leg.


It is then he is struck again this time at his bottom legs by the fluffy he beat to death not to long ago, taking both of his weegies. The smarty continued to cry and shit himself and then he is struck again by the leftover weegie left by Sunny his former special friend.

HEWP NU WAN GU-” he is then struck in the head by a foal who had been impaled by a guarding trowel. The smarty is then sucked deeper into the twister. A small group of pillow fluffs and litter pals tried to stay together by grabbing onto their friend’s tails, but were then flung out of the vortex onto some power lines, they were then electrocuted from the lines, and due to the litter pals, they ignite into a fireball.

Cupcake was scared beyond belief as his box was flung everywhere.


His cage is then shot out from the twister as he flies at tremendous speed striking a near by car.

The Babbhies huddled to together hoping the munster would let them go as their hidy place was constantly moving to slam the foals against the walls of the can. They to are ejected from the tornado as the can flew and struck the top of a nearby feeding silo. The top part of the can then deposited the foals into the feed of the silo, the foals scree as they fell from the can and landed on their legs.





The foals then screeched in pain as they landed on their legs breaking their little bones.




The foals squirmed and wither in pain due to the amount of pain they were in not noticing that their sensitive brother was ever so slowly sinking into the ground.


The little sensitive babbhie using what little brain power he could, noticed that he was moving as he was slowly sliding down, it is then he realized that the ground was…EAT HIM!


The foal then began to flail his broken limbs and body hoping his crying would bring his mama.


The other Foals could only watch as their special brother sank faster into the ground as his head was the only thing that was sticking out. His eyes bulged out in fear as he continued to scream until finally began to go under. Within the grain, the little sensitive babbhie could not breathe and noticed that the wall was closing in on him. Through muffled screams, the foal tried one more time to call for his mama as he was crushed by the weight of the grain.


seeing their brother getting eaten by the ground the foals began to panic and squirm. their movement would drag them down, as the first to go was the little filly, the only thing the yellow colt could do was try and reach out hoping his mama would save him.


Grain would be the last thing he saw.


Haily was new to the fluffy mart, she was supposed to start sooner but due to the tornado, she would start later. she was supposed to work with a classmate, but he ran out and robbed the store after the boss told him to save some of their important fluffies. Speaking of her boss, he might not be the boss for long since his actions led to the store getting robbed and an employee dying so the courts are taking a look at his history. Shen then picked up the fluffy feed and fed all the fluffies that were saved from the twister in their temporary shelter that was being shared by the pound. Shen then got a special bowl and added water to the kibble and stirred it. Going to a special in the shelter as she approached it with a big smile.

“Hey Lucky got ya lunch eat up big guy”

The fluffy in question was the baby blue smarty that dreamed of living the good life, now though he questioned why he was still alive and why no one would put him out of his misery. He may no longer may struggle to find food anymore, but now reduced to a dummy and ni weegies, it’s not a life worth living.

Back at the place of where the tornado had ravaged the fluffy mart the construction crew that had gotten to work. The foreman was going over the document made by the client, it is then he felt some light tapping on his leg. He then looks down and sees a dirty creamed color fluffy who was missing parts of its mane, and its back legs were destroyed.

“nice misstew…pwease…hewp Cupcwake…”

The foreman then gave a tired look at the fluffy, as he grabbed it by the scruff his fluff and dropped him into a garbage bin.

“NUUUUUU, Fuwffy nu am twashie, am stwill awive!!!”

The foreman then contemplated on the repairs he had to do one of the repairs that he was hoping to get to soon was Big Tony’s Italian restaurant as they made some of the best pasta, also he wanted to check out the fluffy that broke a glass window.

Sorry for the long wait had class so please enjoy


Ooh, do a tsunami next. Genuinely surprised that with all that Fluffy Pony Drowns art and text posts, no one’s thought about putting Fluffies through a tsunami before.


its the next one


This whole thing reads like the opening scene of a Final Destination movie, and I love it. Needs some proofreading done for polish, but otherwise great piece. I love seeing how fluffies would deal with various regular occurrences, and natural disasters is one that isn’t explored all that often. Nice work


I was actually watching Final Destination when I was writing this thing


Don’t you hate the thought that fluffies deserve everything without effort, it’s despicable.

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As someone who lives in tornado alley and had to hide in the basement from some nasty sidewinders. This story was a blast to read! I loved the part were the soon mummah crashes through the window of the Italian restaurant.


I liked this, a flood and a volcano and an earthquake would be cool, but a war would be even better.