HAPPY 4th: Firework Fluffy Ad (7svendye)

We at Hasbio would like to pay respect to the men and women of our armed forces. This is why on July 4th we will be selling for a limited time our new product.


[The Ad shows various forms of 4th of July-styled fluffies with patriotic colors and design. Raging from mares and stallions to specialized pillow fluffs and special foals]

By introducing a special form of liquid gun powder we made sure that our fluffy little friends can help the public enjoy the festivity of the 4th of July. Just use our Patented fireworks launcher and watch the little guy fly.

Each fluffies design is able to create a spectrum of colors and patterns to get you ready for the founding of the US. For every purchase, we will donate a percentage of our income to the various veteran rehabilitation centers.

Our offers also come with various 4th of July costumes to give these little guys a proper send-off for the celebration of our great country.

Order now and receive two shipments of fluffy fireworks for the low low cost of 30.99.

Oder now!

Warning HASBIO is not responsible for the damage that firework fluffies ™ may cause. Do not use them indoors, in woodlen areas or in public places. Keep firework fluffies away from an open flame. Do not allow firework fluffies to interact with normal fluffies. Please seek the necessary permanents to use Firework fluffies in your state.

A new Bad idea by the folks of Hasbio, so if anyone wants to use these little fire starters you may


They’re gonna donate 0.01¢ per fluffy, aren’t they? It’ll all go to the Veterans’ Memorial Golf Course.


Yeah, pretty much


Useful for other occasions as well ~

“WUB nyu namesie!!! Gen-dew-Wee-bee-ow WUB nyu Mummah an Daddeh!!..”