Has this happened to others? [Eded_ted]

I was going trough my gallery, because I wanted to see one old comic I made. Then I stumbled upon a post I made about being able to see your stuff through google images. I decided to see if it still worked. And it did, but I noticed something weird.

There are my comics and animation in websites I have never heard of!

What is *TWIBOORU?*

What is *PHOLDER?*



What is *LIBREDDIT?*

What is *VKONTAKTE?*


But do you know what is even weirder to me?

You see this gif?

I have deleted it.I first posted it on reddit, but then someone pointed out that it had flashing light, so I tried hiding it, but I didn’t know how hiding worked, so I just ended up deleting it, and after that I was too lazy to repost it again. And it was when this site was down, so I didn’t post it here If you go to my gallery here or reddit, you can’t find it. Because I deleted it!



Luckily, honestly, I don’t care that my stuff is there. It isn’t like someone has stolen my identity or something. I have actually kinda prepared for this, because the internet is the internet, isn’t it?

I just want to know why they are there. Do you know?

Or is this something that automatically happens to everybody?

Or is this something that only happens with reddit and has nothing to do with this site? (Since almost all of them have a link to my reddit account)

Or has my stuff just been posted elsewhere without me knowing?

Are those sites just backups for this site?

Is this normal?

So… Do you know? Has this happened to you?


I’ve been online and posting my artwork since like roughly 2014. I think this has always been a thing but it’s just more prevalent now…? If I look up my Instagram handle I get that artwork, if I look up this account username I get my fluffy stuff.

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Oh, I’ve had similar!

Specifically for my non-fluffy stuff. It pops up on mirror sites, but I’ve also had stuff pop up in really weird places. A piece of fanart I made popped up on e621 (despite not being pornographic) which endlessly amuses me, and a screenshot of a blog of mine - not even an image, but a screenshot of the main page - appeared on a wallpaper site. It’s both bizarre and utterly silly.


I’ve had my fluffy stuff show up on a shady…gossip site? and tagged as “female neckbeard”. I’ve also had a picture of me, like ME, MYSELF, show up on a Middle Eastern website when I was sixteen or so (I’m American and white, so not sure why it was there). I think that once something is posted online, it just gets scattered to the winds. Isn’t there a Russian community website of fluffy stuff, too? That may explain some of it.

I actually found this community again because someone reposted my fluffy works.

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so the rumors are true!

When you upload something to the internet, you may not be able to remove it…

Thanks for the help! I am so relieved!

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I have only been on Twibooru, myself, out of them all. I actually found it by googling a fluffy artist I liked to see if an imgur archive existed or something.

I noticed a lot of stuff on Twibooru that I haven’t seen anywhere else, including on here. Many posts on there contain “Source” links they claim go to the OG image but if you click that link most (at least the fluffy art) go to a totally different image. That leads me to believe they are uploading images via some bot or something, but I’m not sure.

Also, many fluffy posts on the site are tagged with, “deleted from derpibooru.” I think they are re-hosting images on there that the artists (in at least some cases, likely not all) have deleted and don’t want re-uploaded to sites like that. But I don’t know all the facts or much solid info about Twibooru in reality. It’s just weird.

Just my input.

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I know all those site names except the last one, though I’ve never visited most of them. Also, it’s “Libreddit”, not “Libredd”.

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e621 has a lot of non-pornographic art; its primarily for porn, obvs, but there is a huge gray area between porn, erotic art, and regular art, and over time a bunch of non-porn has accumulated.

I found the comic ‘Foxes in Love’ via e621, and that is the most wholesome, least pornographic thing I can imagine.

(Speaking of which, the eponymous foxes are non-anthropomorphic, highly stylized, very funny, sweet, and ridiculously insightful. They are also gay and trans. One of the best comics I’ve ever read.]

Edit: oh, and while anybody can post to e621, they are responsive to take down requests. They also have a ‘do not post’ list. It’s not a perfect system, but I’m not sure how else a site where people can upload art could work.


This has happened a few times with my works on deviantart, I always found it relaly strange since idk who even visits those sites so I’m not quite sure what the point of using my work is, plus I’m a VERY unknown artist so its not like people are gonna be LOOKING for my work anyway?


Nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.

Once it’s posted, it is recorded somewhere ; and once recorded it is likely aggregated to other services via bots for content and with ToS content is likely used to advertise a particular site long after it is taken down by the user. Regardless of what it is, it is probably held forever by someone somewhere.

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I know Twibooru is a pony art booru, so someone probably posted your art there because fluffy ponies are still ponies.

I’m always happy whenever I see how far my art has spread. I wish someone posted it in Reddit too, because I’m not about to make an account there myself! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A year and a half late, but if you’re still wondering, VKontakte (or “VK” for short) is the Russian equivalent of Facebook and classic MySpace.

It looks like your art was posted to a Russian fluffy fan group on there.

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You know I am no longer worried about my stuff being shared elsewhere, Nowadays I am kinda hoping for my stuff to be shared across the web, because then it makes me FAMOUS!!

but only if it’s the newer stuff, because my earlier stuff is shit


i just found a bunch of my stuff on equibooru which looks like a site specifically dedicated to sexy horses??? i am cackling rn

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You’re FAMOUS!!