Hasbio official product line the siren series by (that1hugboxer)

Introducing the siren bio toy line!

These bio toys are bred to help you! the consumer! rid your local area of both feral and stray fluffies alike!

The brilliant geneticists at hasbio laboratories

Have created a marvel of science!

These bipedal bio toys stand on average 5 and a half feet tall!

Sirens are designed to lure in stray or feral fluffies for their owners to dispose of as they see fit!

The unique process of genetically engineering these bio toys results in the upper portion of the bio toy being almost indistinguishable from a human male/female save for a long fluffy mane in place of hair!

While the lower portion of the bio toy resembles large fluffy hind legs almost satyr like in appearance!

This line of bio toy comes in standard! Pegasus! unicorn! and alicorn variants! with additional variants coming soon!

The bio toy lures stray or feral fluffies in by mimicking both the voice and speech patterns of a fluffy!

The bio toy can subsist almost entirely on the flesh of feral or stray fluffies!

Both nymphet and faun models of the siren bio toy are genetically programmed to follow any order given by their owner ,that falls within the established programming from the luring and disposal of stray/feral fluffies! to house work! to
:heart: companionship :heart:

Do your part to keep the fluffy population under control by purchasing a hasbio siren bio toy from one of our licensed bio toy vendors today!

Disclaimer: hasbio is not held responsible for injury, death, emotional, physical or psychological trauma caused by the siren bio toy line. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/distributor of individual bio toy units to handle all legal matters there in. Hasbio reserves the right to void individual unit warranty at any time for any reason .warranty sold separately results may vary

(I personally imagine this being read aloud by Hugh neutron in an early 2000s call now style commercial)


Watch out for owls!