Hasbio Presents: Fluffy Predators (SpookyGoopy)

I seem to manage writing stories just fine, where’s art come into this?


Another story that I have in mind include a look into Dr. Singh’s history as a (mad) scientist working as Hasbio from her perspective, starting off as one of the intern scientists working on purely hypothetical genetic research that would evolve into the creation of the first ever Fluffies produced to the highly accomplished creator of the Fluffy Predators, showing what her relationship with both entities is like, which is essentially this meme and take a wild guess which is which.



I am currently working to on a Is troglodyte story where fluffies live in a sewer during winter and its barely the early days of spring, it’s kinda like alien 3 as a insperation mixed with metro2033

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Are you really asking me to do what everyone else is already doing and not try something new because you’re okay with the seeing the same “fluffy gets hit by a hammer and dies” drawing or text for the 1000th time and consider that premium content? Is it really a crime to want to do something different on here? I mean, admittedly what I’m doing isn’t really all that different, it’s abuse content but I’m just more creative with it. You also seem to think abuse is the only thing the Fluffy fandom is all about, it’s what it’s most known for arguably but you realize that hugbox and wholesomebox exists too right? You know there are novel-length stories on here with whole genres that are explored with Fluffies as the focus ranging from science fiction to horror right? Fluffies are STILL the main focus here too, the Predators are the antagonists, that’s the whole point.

I’m sorry but how dare you say that I should just do what everyone else is doing because you’re easily amused. I get the giggles from drawings of a fluffy getting kicked like a football too but I don’t have this notion that it should stay within certain boundaries because fuck trying anything new.

I think Fluffies themselves have been explored as much as humanly possible at this point, nearly every little possible aspect and detail about them has been exhausted so why not try something different? Why not try something just a smidge ambitious and out of the box? Why not try and build upon other aspects of the Fluffy universe and how the Fluffies would interact with them? How is what I’m doing any different from bits of lore and worldbuilding like Jellenheimer, The Howler or stories that involve shit like cosmic horror and a goddamn fluffy afterlife? I’m not some noob okay? I’ve been around since the fluffy fandom begun on 4chan, I just decided to finally contribute to it after finding out this website exists since I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to after Fluffybooru died (yes, I know about the sub-reddit too but I refuse to use Reddit).

I’m not trying to “reinvent the wheel” or force my ideas down anyone’s throats, nor am I not focusing on the Fluffies themselves, I mean of COURSE Fluffies are the main focus of this story and concept, the Predators and the stories involving them that I have planned are literally BUILT AROUND FLUFFIES, a good half of them even take aspects of their personalities into how they hunt such as their love for sketties and tv, the different subspecies that exists, I give you reasons why they exist in the first place, I incorporate plenty of aspects of Fluffy canon like Hasbio and FluffTv and shit, what are you actually talking about when you say this isn’t “fluffy centric” because you’re making sound like I’m making off topic content or something…

Also, “respect for the medium” LOL get off your high horse dude, Fluffies are an offshoot of Brony fandom for Christ’s sake. If anything, you seem to be the one who doesn’t respect for it if you don’t think world building is valid and that all there is to Fluffies is tired, cliche torture porn.


So cool. Can’t wait to read it!


Like some people get upset when we use thing like bigotry, raceism, rape, abrotions, infanticied. But with fluffies i mean sure it works but expanding stuff is the point hasbio is one of the few things that is if anything rarely touched upon. Oh no we go to far


ngl you had me reading until screenslayer and I like the biopunk and sci fi aspects of it
:shrug: the ideas aren’t bad at all ! you have very creative writing skills.
but some ideas, they don’t make much sense to be mass produced large horror creatures. at least not to me)

what about the sheer amount of resources, technology, time and energy to make such things without ethical concerns as it also involves harvesting dozens of Earth species to counter an artificial one? This is one of the reasons fluffies became loose in the first place by their version of peta.

Are they sterile? If there are so many and they can eat so much and hunt and reproduce there is now a huge imbalance in food chains that exponentially gets fucked up?
These are good questions to ponder when world building

I mean maybe you could write like a short story of weirdbox for the extreme ones as an individual creature?


That’s a shame, they’d love you


Reddit page are all hugboxers

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Absolutely not! But pretending like you’re writing a fluffy story when you’re not sure is annoying!

You realize I’ve been around this fandom since it started, don’t you? I remember back when abuse didn’t really exist and I find it funny that you’d try to tell me about something I was there for. Furthermore, yeah, there’s more than abuse. But pretty much everything you listed here is for abuse purposes, so I figured suggesting abuse would be right in your alley.

You’re just not getting the point here. This isn’t the place for you to shoehorn in random creatures and subspecies. I suggest taking a peek at the integrity section of our rules.

Wrong, but I like your confidence. Misplaced as it is.

And this here tells me all that I need to know. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that Jellens have gained a really shameful reputation since the Redditheimer fiasco. You’re looking at aspects of the community that no one likes and deciding to build from there when there are so many better places to work from.

So, funny story newfren, basically nobody uses Hasbio anymore. Idk how you can be so confident about knowing your shit when you very obviously don’t. You might’ve been on the money about six years ago.

I also know this, because I was browsing /mlp/ when the first fluffies came to be.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, and I could’ve forgiven that if you understood the concept of humility.


Just write a story and see how it goes. I’m not even gonna shit on you for the meltdown. Make content. Improve based on reception. Make better content. Improve.

Sounds like you have a case of world builders disease and the only cure is content.

Good luck.


I’ve seen that movie before.


i mean if you’re thinking “its been done already so why bother” then i think you’ve lost sight of what the point of writing at all is. writing’s not always about just the destination, it’s the journey, the destination, and the person taking the journey. fluffies have always been more than just “cliche torture porn”, with many stories taking the time to flesh out characters and explain how and why the way they are, their growth and development, and how their journey changes them. frankly, this whole concept seems very surface level (stories about creatures that ultimately torture/kill fluffies or some weird revenge fantasy shit against people who abuse/kill fluffies). get into their head, learn about their motivation, why they get out of bed every morning.


Jurassic park or well splice works too as a refernce hell even species.

The Umbrella Corporation doesn’t have ethical concerns about creating viruses that turn people into zombies and mutants and I’m sure John Hammond never once thought “you know, bringing dinosaurs back to life actually doesn’t sound like a good idea”. The anarcho-capitalistic mega corporation trope is the very backbone of this concept and my interpretation of how Hasbio functions as a company.

With that said of course, the concern of the predator’s running out of food did make me think of a new tidbit of Predator biology to add to an updated version of this “story” that I’m in the process of making. Said scenario as well as the others you brought up would all make for interesting plots for stories as well.


And gotta saay anarcho capitalism is the best kind of funism especially when it comes to killing fluffies.

Uh? Ain’t the opposite true? Where posting hugbox get’s you banned while complaining about hugboxers is okay?

Cause they are from reddit

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Well, that is certainly inventive. & something Hasbio™ would do, if they somehow managed to survive spawning fluffies ( a desperate, equally clueless government bailout, combined with strenuous fingerpointing at PETA, perhaps? ). Certainly bold of them to openly admit using Human DNA.
It also sounds like something that would go gruesomely wrong, Hasbio™ style.
Gruesomely, hilariously wrong.
Take the Siren Viper, for example:

I especially like how those characteristics are combined in one bullet point :smiling_imp:
There ought to be at least some interest in seeing how fluffies react to creatures as inherently flawed as themselves, not to mention the reaction of the various human social structures that have formed around them - Hugboxers, initially frustrated Abuseboxers, fluffherders who try to pirate their own version of fluff Predators ( such as for sexual purposes ), fluffy Predator Hugboxers…

Let canon work for you, not against you.

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U sicko i love everything about this

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