Headcannon de nessie (nessie)

I’m still modifying my headcanon but I’ll leave this to give you a better idea of what semi-domestic fluffies are.



This race of fluffys is the first and rarest to obtain due to its high probability of mutating and/or spawning other races or subspecies, therefore the only way to obtain them is by buying them in Hasbio stores.
They are also the ones that PETTA released for the most part, adding praise from the owners of these fluffys, it has been possible to see many variations in which they will be listed below.
•of which we have more knowledge.
Stray Fluffys;
They are the most common variation found in cities
Feral Fluffys;
Depending on the area, these may have greater diversification but are still found in forests near cities.
Variations such as pegasi, unicorns, etc. can appear in any race or subspecies of fluffys.
Sub-species or artificial races that are known but we will detail them; Protohunter, fluffy-nobles (domestic),
Going into more details about the semi-domestic fluffys, these were not planned to be sold to the public since the error in their genetics had to be improved so that in a few generations they practically became another breed of fluffy, but luckily for the Scientists, this ability of fluffys is being lost with each generation but it will never disappear. Another thing to keep in mind is that their gestation time is 2 months, unlike their descendants who for various reasons are increasingly having less gestation time until they only reach 2 weeks and in the case of mini-fluffys 1 week.
They could be considered omnivorous creatures but they have a fascination for spaghetti and meatballs regardless of what type of meat is used, adding to this they present better physical development and intelligence without being
fed with kibble or Hasbio supplements.
Another quality to take into account is that the female fluffys of this breed rarely present flu syndrome.
“bitch-mare” this contrasts with the fact that males as a whole can present any variant of smarty.


Esta es una construcción mundial realmente buena, ¡excelente trabajo!

really great world building, good job!

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