Heart of Ice Ch.4 [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Your name is Ice, and you were so conflicted about your new Mummah…

You spent most of the days in your new nestie getting accustomed to your… New… Mummah. Harley was a musnta, but she seemed to love you for some reason? All you could get from her actions were that she only ate your family and friend because she needed to make milkies for you…

You were so confused about why she did it… but she tried to explain that she wasn’t a normal Fluffy. When you tired to pry further about why kind of Fluffy she was, she always said “Am Mummah Fwend, otay?” Always annoyed at the confused questions you threw her way. One time you had asked what had happened to the rest of the herd, and what she told you shook you to her core.

“Mummah Hawwey saw big-big-big bawky munstah wookin’ thin’. Hawwey seen one wike that befowe, dey cawwed beaws ,buh nebah seen one su mean befow…” a even worse fear had run through you now, one ever greater than the sight of your family dead at your feet, or your sisters head being caved in by your new Mummah.

A new Munsta.

Despite being a Monster, Mummah Harley was surprising very loving and kind thing, at least to you. When anyting came close to her nestie, a big fallen tree that she had been carved out, she would go out and attack it and almost always kill it, then she ate, finally she would come back and feed you strange tasting milk. It didn’t taste bad, per say, just that it tasted like something you never tasted before.

“Wed Nummies.” Your New Mother called them, inside all things that moved and played were red nummies, to her they tasted like the sweetest sketti ever, to a fluffy like you? They would taste awful. One time you aksed if you could try red nummies. And Mummah Harley got very. VERY, angry with you. “if Hawwey ebah see ‘ou eatin’ wed nummies, Mummah wiww make youw whowe wife, bewy… Bewy… bad. Otay?”

So you never asked for red nummies, in fact you never wanted to think about red nummies again!

You still missed Ruby and Lupa, even Comet, but at least you had someone who wanted to love you and take care of you. “B-Babbeh Ice, Mummah Hawwey goin’ to go get nummies, ‘ou been gud an’ pway in nestie, otay?” Mummah Harley was the one who gave your friend and sister forever sleepies, but… Something made you want to stay with her, was it the paternal need of a foal by itself? " Otay Mummah Hawwey, Ice w-wub Mummah!" You responded, you didn’t want to love her, but she was all you could rely on for help.

So you Just loved what you could.

You did what she told you to do, You played in the nestie, you practieced your counting the leaves as they fell from the other trees around the nest. You didn’t want to make Mummah angry. You never saw her angry, only happy and silly, but… you did see that she cared about you, to a degree. she would clean you after a scary dream, or let you try new nummies, like chewwy nummies! they were so good! but you only got to have them if you were very very good.

After counting the leaves for the fifth time you realized you counted to six this time! You counted even higher than-


Lupa and Sissy…

You waddled over to the edge of the nest and snuggled up against the wall, hugging your poofy yellow tail. “huu-huu… Miss famwy… Miss Wupa… huu-huu…”

Your name is Harley, and you were the luckiest Fluffy ever!

You spotted the two Fluffies from your little perch, just low enough for a Fluffy to get up on, but still high enough for a surprise ambush. “Siwwy Fwuffies! Hawwey onwy Fwuffy awouwd hewe! Dis am Hawwey’s wand!” you wispered out loud. The Stallion was a beautiful shade of Black, and had a bright Yellow mane, just like your new son Ice! The Mare was a disgustingly bright shade of pink, she had a Purple mane and… Wait a mark on her rump? That’s… New

“DUMMEH SPESHEW FWEND! NEE’ BESTES’ NUMMIES’ NAO OW TUMMEH BABBEHS GON’ GO FOWEBA SWEEPIES!” the annoying mare screamed. So she was a soon mummah! Even better! “S-Special Fwend… Ash nee’ tu west! Am su tiwed, nu hab nummies since wast bwight time! Aww Ash du is Push Speshew Fwend awound aww Bwight Time!” A devoted father who’s too loving for his own good, almost picture perfect.

You watched for a little while as the bloated Pink balloon of a Fluffy yells and screams at her lover to go get more food, and unfortunately for him… he relents, and begins a weary hunt for food. Oh he was just too much! Ash made your heart soar and your special place feel funny… As he left his lvoer behind, you saw the chance.

Now was time!

You sneaked up behind Ash , far away enough from his Special Friend, and put on a ditzy smile and the lovey dovey shit you learned so well from other dumb mares you ate before them. “Nyu Fwend?” You asked coyly. “Huh? Oh! Nyu Fwend?! YAY! Ash wub nyu fwends! Wan pway?” the silly Stallion asked, he was as simple as the dirt he walked on. “w-weww… Hawwey wan’ pway… buh…” You say throwing the full force of your sadistic charm his way. “Hawwey weawwy wan hab nice nyu fwend Ash’s Babbehs…” You had done this to seal a kill or two before, but now you wanted babies of your own, ones who can play and grown up with there new big brother.

You had never seen a Stallion throw away a special friend before like he just did, when you asked him you were expecting resistance and preparing to throw more lies his way. But instead he began to wag his tail and… Cry? Oh my god he was a sweet heart, shame about this next bit though.

“WAN HAB NYU SPESHEW FWEND! OWD ONE SU MEANIE AN’ NU FUN NU MOWE!” andwith that, you turned around and presented to you “Special Friend.”

As he began to mount you, you could feel it all, the motion of the ocean as some say (wink wink nudge nudge) and after a resounding FOUR minutes of Fluffy love making, you hear Ash yell out to the world, “GUUUUD FEEEWWWWSSS!!!” as he falls on his side. " haff haff haff Dat was bestes’ speshuw huggies haff ebah…" Ash exclaimed, not noticing you pad around your tummy… It was there! That feeling! Perfect!

And to be fair, those huggies were probably the best you ever had… Well. They were the only special huggies you ever had. Which made this next part make you a little sad…

For about four seconds and then you didn’t care again.

You waddled your way behind the now slumped over Ash. “Nyu Speshuw Fwend haff wan nappies?” he asked, very obviously proud of the deed. “Nu siwwy Ash, hehe, wan nummies!” Ash looked behind at his nye lover and saw her staring at him, the swirly eyes she was so proud of, Bright and Pink met his and he looked away, afraid. “W-weww Ash nee’ tu haff west fow a widdle bit tu go fin nummies fo-”

“Teehee! Siwwy Ash, ou’ nu nee’ gu fin’ nummies…” Harley interrupted the tired Colt. “Ou’ IS da nummies!” And with that she began to tear into the sperm donor Stallion, ripping into his neck, already exhausted Ash could do little to fight back, and within a few seconds, Harley had ripped through his neck, and began to devour the delicious tribute she had been given by the Sky Daddeh…

After a few minutes The Mare had consumed quite a lot of Ash. The face was still intack besides the Gaping wound in his neck, but the insides? Almost completely gone, all but few organs and meat remained. She was about to bring the rest of the leftovers back to her nest, but she heard a shrill cry of a very… VERY… annoying pink fucking balloon.

With her attention stolen Harley made her way to the Purple monstrosity, and had a realization… Ash would be too hard to drag around… and the smell would attract other Munstas, But a Meal that MADE meals, was perfect! and fresh milk for Ice! He was probably too shy to admit your milk tasted a little weird, but you figured the red nummies you ate were maybe affecting him a bit, you wanted him to stay the same, you loved him so much!

You made your way back to the lone pink bitch, smiling all the way over, blood still caking your muzzle and face. “Hewwoooooooo nice mawe! You habe namsies?”

‘HMPH, Dummeh M…m-mawe… Ou’… Boo-" was all she could begin to get out as you stalked closer to the rotund Fluffy. “Nu namesie fow pwetty mawe? Weww… Hawwey gibe new namsies…” Wit the smile turning into a low grin, you rushed the Fluffy who began to scream about you hurting her, about how you were a monster… She was only wrong about one of those things. “N-… Nu huwties? W-… Why Munsta nu huwt Soon-Mummah?” She quietly asked, still scared to death of you.

You stood only a few inches away stoping to meet her and gleefully say"Why Wouwd Hawwey huwt ou’ Hawwey nee’ ou’ fow miwkies an nummies hee-hee-hee" And against the Ballooned mare’s will you began the trek of rolling the newly named Cherry, back to your little slice of Skettiland.

Your Babbeh was going to be so happy to get some real milk for once! and you got to have a fat filled meal at the ready! Hmm… Maybe if Ice is good with the babbehs you’ll let him one or two, who knows! He might want to be a daddeh too some day!

As you rolled the fat Dam across the forrest floor, you felt things in your tummy that made you smile all the way back to the nestie!

Ice was going to be such a good big brother!


Poor ash, at least he got something good before dying.

So basically cherry will be Harley’s milkbag?


Free Fat Milk Bag for Ice oh YEAH!

Also Rest in peace Ash, atleast he gets laid one more time.


and foal food delievery fluffy, yes


Damn thats feels pure horror for ferals like biting off mares and still feed em only used as milkbag and “food breeding”




A regular black widow, this one is.

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I still don’t get why she wants to keep ice but not the other 2 babbehs?

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Well, shes an insane cannibke fluffy, who only wanted Ice