Hellbend's story (by Ms_Random)

(man has been a real while since I posted, I’ve been lurking for a while so I’m made this)
(fyi this story follow under the lines where you can remove a fluffy part and place it on another with no problems with that underway)
He woke up slowly to the sound of sobbing and whimpering. He sat up with a stretch and, he took in his room

he went over and pulled out a needle and some male hormones and pain killers, he wasted no time, picking up his favorite creation, Hellbend, he was born after a mated pair showed up in his garden, he drag them in and force their father to mate with their mares of the foals once they went into to heat. after the 15th litter, Hellbend was born deaf blind and mute, the only living baby from the whole bunch, he fell in love at first sight. he had to butcher and removed parts from others to keep the baby alive. he grew up mostly normally. only sound made was short wheezing.

after he injected Hellbend, he slowly set him down and put out a feeding tub as Hellbend went over to his feeding bottle, which he had been trained to suck on since young, he grab a beat-up pillow colt, shoving the tube down his throat and force-feeding the trash

it was Hellbend’s first effie toy, the colt was a smartie who show us, a small herd following while Hellbend was allowed outside. he nearly killed them as they attack Hellbend, the main one the smartie, he decided to keep, using his leggies, and one of his eyes to give to Hellbend. the colt’s ball sack was even given to Hellbend, for a more pure and better Gene pool than his old imbreed Gene, the rest of the herd was other sold to whoever or killed in front of the colt, and now the shit in a suck in “wan die” loop, only being kept alive by hellbent’s owner just to suffer. his attention turns to the three mares in Hellbend’s space

he smiled at their sobbing, he gave them some quick kibble. he frown at the pink one for a moment then smiled. he has been doing offers to families whose mares begin to beg for babies, in which he takes them, breeds them to have a litter, sends the mare back to the owner, and keeps the babies, free of charge. he did a check on each mare before placing them back down, as it seems no sign of pregnancy yet. he brought some food bowls and begin to feed his mares

he had six of them, two had given birth not too long ago. two were about to give birth any day and the others were still in the early stages. all six were well-behaved, they all knew the punishment for acting out of line, four mares leggies have already been replaced. the two newest mares have yet to act up yet. he feeds them before checking in on the newborns, all curl up or nursing on the three milk bags he owns for. he smiled as the little bit older ones were playing nicely. he top over the milk bag food before he turns to the stallion to feed them.

he had two stallions, both share the same punishment as the mares. it let them well behave and lesson the owner every order, no matter what. once he gave them food, he went to his bed and pulled out his phone to check out the sales for his babies or to see if any family wanted to use hellbend to stop their demanding mares from babies. all while Hellbend begins to effing the mares who cry out. once Hellbend had his fun, he pick Hellbend up once he used his litter-pal. and grab his carrying case and headed out for some more fluffies food.

(what the guy looks like, haven’t really thought of a good name for him just yet.)


Hellbend is beautiful :heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hellbend is the ultimate fluffy.

The dude looks like a Tyler.

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not to nitpick but I think right next to the owner’s bed is the worst place for a litter pal, that thing would stink so bad


also the house is 5 fluffy rooms with a bed in one of them.


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it all in one room, not house


i mean, he live in a room full of fluffies, his sense of smell used to it at this point