Helper fluffy (Lunch-Fluffy)

(this is sorta a headcannon thing too, also introducing Dr. A. Egor)

Introducing, the helper fluffy! A special genetically altered breed in the works that’ll serve as a replacement to other ESA as well as service animals.

They feature a large snout which contains more olfactory structures to detect changes in body functions, air contamatants, as well as certain ingredients that could cause a reaction in their owners.

They are almost twice the size of the normal fluffy, to help with the blind as well as those with seizures.

The bone structure is optimized for less possible damage, and digit and spine bones are denser. The mouth of the fluffy is more suited for speech, but not enough to fully get rid of the lisp (unfortunately).

All in all, this breed will be great for the job!..

Once we figure out how to stabilize the genome.

Prediction for how long it’ll take… Probably until 3033 at the earliest. Sigh
This is Dr. Albert Frank Egor, signing off.