Here Comes a Thot... That Might Alarm You. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

[Full credit goes to @FederalChemical1728 for the original idea, i though tit was fucking stellar so i decided to take a crack at it.]

Lola waddled through the empty park. It was dark at the moment, and she HATED the dark! It was so scary!

What was worse was the fact that she still had these dummeh babbehs!

They all kept chirping and begging for miwkies! As if you had any to give right now… You were starving!

You honestly considered eating the REALLY dummeh babbeh, it was pretty like her, matching her Dark-Red Coat, but unlike it’s brothers, it never TALKED, it only ever annoyingly peeped at you!

Sky-Daddeh, you really wish you listened to that Dummeh Daddeh of yours… Babbehs were good… But these must have been bad babbehs to bug her THIS much!

As Lola kept waddling, trying to keep a strong head about her situation, she began to hear… music… It was pretty! Like… Like

“I-ice-cweam nummehs?! Ice-cweam nummehs! SU cowdies buh SUUUUUU yummy! Wub!” Lola said, trotting with a newfound vigor for the familiar song.

As Lola trotted along to the sound, the 3 foals on her back chirped with a newly found vigor as well! Mostly out of fear to the sudden cold wind that rushed over the three.

"peep! peep! n-nu wike scawy cowdies! M-mummah hewp! chiwp! chiwp!" Cried out the first colt, a dark purple unicorn.

“Huu-huu! Mummah nu wub b-babbehs? peep? chiwp? N-nu hab miwkies? g-gib cowd-h-huwties?” Continued the second, a dark blue Earthy.

"PEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEP-PEEP-PEEP! SPEEP! CHIWP-EEP!" Followed the third colt, a sensitive little copy-cat of it’s mother, a Dark Red coated unicorn.

Lola didn’t even think to actually calm down, or even slow down at that point! She missed the ice-cream nummehs from when she was with her daddeh so much! They were the highlight of her week, every week! As Lola continued ignoring her sons, she finally began to hear a not-so familiar song playing along with the music…

"Ding-Ding-Dong!, hewe cums da sound!

Da Sketti Box am hewe fow 'ou!

Am time fow such da bestes’ meaw!

Gibe up 'ou nunu’s fow Sketti! Am onwy a quick widdwe ting!"

“N-nu mowe… N-nu-nu pwace?” Lola said, quickly seeing the machine, just as the song began to replay.

The truck Lola had imagined seeing was actually a wall mounted, silvery box. The box had graffiti and stickers covering the blank parts, but the only things that were untouched were small instructions, three small holes, and one BIG hole.

Lola looked downright saddened by the idea of no ice-cream, but as she heard the song again, she perked up!


As the mere mention of Sketti, the foals on her back erupted with joy!

“Sketti? S-sketti! peep! c-chiwp! D-da mean m-mummah hab b-bestes’ m-mikwies suun!” The Dark Purple Colt cheered.

peep! s-su ‘cited! chiwp! W-wub Mummah! B-bestes’ M-mummah gib b-bestes’ miwkies! chiwp! speep!” The Dark Blue Colt celebrated, buttering up his Mummah.

"Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" Blurted out the sensitive Dark Red Colt, followed by a resounding, deafening, cringe-enduing shit all over Lola’s back.

“Nu bwudda! peep! N-nu make bad poopies! Bad bwuddah!” cried out the Dark Blue Earthy, beginning to reprimand the small colt. Before the Colt could give a small tap of his hoof to his brother, Lola snapped, screeching and tossing the three off of her back.

“NU MOWE! NU MOWE DUMMEH BABBEHS! HACHE’OU! STUUUUPID DUMMEH BABBEHS!” Lola yelled, turning her back to the foals, staring directly at the Metal box.

The two more… all together colts, were quick to jumping back near their Mummah, begging and pleading, saying they were sorry for whatever they had done…

Lola was too preoccupied with the song that played around the small family. Her smooth-as-fuck brain was finally putting two and two together… Sure it made 5 to her… But she now had an idea…

Without a word, the Mare got up, and made her way over to the sensitive foal, who was sadly chirping and curled into a fat little ball on the ground.

“Nu wowwy nummeh… Wowa stiww wub 'ou…”

The sensitive little foal couldn’t really understand her, never once had he been able to, but body language and love was something he understood! And this was a hug! a nice huggy for him! That must have mean’t Mummah still-.

Lola slammed the sensitive foal against the metal box, a almost perfect fit, as she had aimed the Colt’s nu-nu’s into one of the three small holes.

“*SPEEP! PEEP-PE-PEEP!” the small sensitive bastard cried out, wriggling against his mother’s hoof as she held him in place. The colt looked and tried to free himself as much as he could! He tried and tried, again and again! But…

The foal stopped struggling as something cold clamped around his no-no pwace!

The other two looked in horror as their sensitive little brother screeched and writhed under their Mummah’s hoof, unaware the poor foal was having the worst pain in his life.

The small foal felt was almost akin to being ripped apart.

Inside the small clamped hole, the Foal’s gentiles were being tightly closed, cutting the blood-flow off from the already small package.

The Sensitive Brother’s eyes were red with tears as he peeped and chirped, staring, pleasing with his mother. From his perspective the world was upside-down! But the more he stared into his mother’s upside-down face… The more he grew afraid…

“Gud babbeh! Gib Nu-nu’s fow skettis! Nu be BAD babbeh!!”

Finally, with a quick KER-CHUNK, the foal stopped screaming and peeping. His Mother quickly let the foal fall to the ground, his body no longer attached to the only thing keeping him there in the hole…

The Machine began to whir to life, loud noises and strange mechanical noises came from it, but weren’t enough to scare the two other brothers away from their sensitive little brother.

"Bwudda! Nu! peep! nu had sad-wawas! Wiww gib huggies! chiwp!" As the two hugged their little brother, he ended up rolling over, partially showing the extent of the damage…

They were gone… Every part of his special-pwace… Gone!

As the foals tried to comfort their brother, their Mummah watched with hungry intent as the machine tossed out a small heaping pile of Sketti onto the dirty path in front of it.

Lola stared for a moment, then, like a wild animal, tore into the Sketti. It was like heaven to her, the first real, warm meal she’d have had in the few weeks since she had been tossed out!

It was delicious! Not as good as her Daddeh’s Sketti, but this was just great!

As Lola chomped, scarfing down the Sketti, she never noticed the severed pair of testes in the sauce. It didn’t stop her. She just ate and ate until she started licking the dirt.

“Nee’ mowe n-nummehs… Nee’ fow miwkies! Wite! Fow miwkies!” Lola reasoned with herself, quickly turning around and seeing her two, dick-having children and grinned…

“Cum tu mummah babbehs… Hab bestes’ Sketti miwkies! Cum tu Mummah… NAO!”

Lola lunged at the two after the foals failed to fall for her sweet words. Leaving their younger brother behind, the two ran, not well of course, because they were only a few weeks old.

Lola caught one, her Dark Blue Son and began to hit him, over and over, until he was a crying wreck.


Lola felt a small tapping on her right leg, turning to see her last son, trying to fight her.

“NU GIB H-HUWTIES! peep! peep! B-BAD M-MUMMAH!” Before the small colt could utter the all to familiar “Babbehs awe fow huggies-” crap. Lola raised her leg, and flung her son with a swift and hard kick to the belly, launching the colt a few inches away.

Both Colts were tiny, little fluff-balls of pain and sadness.

And Lola was just too hungry to care.

Lola grabbed her Dark Blue Son, and slammed him into the machine, aiming his pecker into the hole. Sadly for the small colt, his Mummah missed…

The Dark-Purple Colt watched in horror as his mother slammed his Blue Brother into the metal hole, repeatedly missing. He watched as his Blue Brother had his BALLS smashed against the sides of the steel hole over, and over again, causing a mixed variation of peeps and screeches.

With every missed mark, Lola would slam the Blue Colt again into the hole, missing by a few inches every time.

“EEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEE-” was all that was said as the Blue Colt felt his underside slam repeatedly against the steel.

Lola grew more and more angry! SHe was so hungry! “PUD NU-NU PWACE IN FINGY SU CAN GIBE MIWKIES TU DUMMEH BABBEHS!!!” Lola yelled, slamming her Blue Colt into the machine a final time, closing her eyes in anger, hoping that this final slam would meet it’s mark.

When Lola opened her eyes, she saw her Blue Colt smashed against the steel wall, missing the opening by a mile.

The Blue colt had smashed against the superior size of his mother. The Colt had been smashed along his midsection, his head and legs were all that were partially intact. Along Lola’s hoof was a slowly running ring of blood, along with bits of small fur and chunks that had ripped open underneath Lola’s mighty hoof.

The Purple Colt looked in horror as Lola removed her hoof, allowing the lower half of the Colt to fall free, while the head and forelegs peeled off of the machine for a moment, only to fall and drop onto the legs and shit covered ass that fell before it.

The young colt slowly began to tear up, clamping his mouth shut and walking backwards, trying to quietly sneak away.

As he walked, he heard his sensitive brother still chirping where he left him, huddled up into a wad of fat and fluff, dick-less as he was soon to be, if he didn’t leave RIGHT NOW.

As the Colt waddled back he bumped into something, spinning around, peeping in fear, he was met with the base of a light-post, the only real thing illuminating the small horror scene before him.


The Colt Foal peeped in fear again, turning to see his Mummah standing over him.

*“Nu be Dummeh Babbeh, nee’ nunu-pwace fow n-nummehs… Nee’ fow gud miwkies… Sketti-Miwkies! M-meba?” Lola said, slowly looming over the foal.

P-peep! P-pwease M-mummah! chiwp! N-nu g-gib babbeh huwties! N-nee’ nunu-pwace! chiwp! N-nu wan’ h-huwties!” The Foal replied, scurrying against the base of the lamp-post, trying to climb it to safety, even if it was just about the height of his mother.

With an effortless bite, Lola grabbed her last Colt, and brought him over to the machine.

Lola this time, much calmer than before, having relieved quite a bit of anger on her Blue Colt, aimed the last, dick-having son towards the hole.

“Nu! P-pwease! chiwp! N-nu wan! peep! pe-peep! P-pwease Mummah! B-babbeh am fow-chiwp H-huggies a-an wub! Huggies an’ W-wub! peep!” The Son thrashed, trying to fight the inevitable.

Lola, thankfully didn’t have to smash this foal too, as she met her mark and popped Purple’s junk into the slot and waited patiently, all the while her Babbeh panicked and screeched out, trashing against the incoming pain.

With another KER-CHUNK another Foal had lost it’s whole fuckin’ dick.

As the Foal donated it’s cock and balls to the machine, in return it began to whir and spin to life again, just as it did with the Sensitive Foal.

Finally, after thrashing babies, and dickless wails, the machine plopped out another portion of Sketti, and sang along to Lola’s joy as she dropped her son, and began to chomp down onto the dirty pasta.

"Ding-Ding-Dong!, hewe cums da sound!

Da Sketti Box am hewe fow 'ou!

Am time fow such da bestes’ meaw!

Gibe up 'ou nunu’s fow Sketti! Am onwy a quick widdwe ting!"

Lola picked up her two remaining foals, and continued across the park, enjoying a full stomach. Soon she would have Milk for her two BESTES’ Babbehs, and would forget about her stupid Blue one.

The Purple Colt and the Sensitive Copy-Cat chirped, squeaking in pain as their mother carried them along her back, each happy trot shook them, and caused them even more pain as they rested on their Mummah’s Fluff.

The two foals would die to bladder infections if not for the mercy of a 2008 Honda VTX1800N that was speeding, crashing along the barrier of the park, and flattening the FUCKED UP family of Fluffies, along with crashing into a tree.

The Driver came out unscathed by some miracle. and nothing of value was lost.

Well besides the driver’s insurance policy increasing…


gonna be honest, i started this three days ago, and never finished it, but had me cackling like an idiot trying to remember what my original idea was so i said fuck it lol.


Lola was a shitty mummah. She should have died more slowly.


Man that bitch went psycho on them being fuck up hungry :sweat_smile:

Was hoppin she survived and trys to steal other mare’s foals for it and get a severe beating.


oh man i like mummah is just done with it!

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She did not even spoil her Wittew Sensitibe Babbeh, let alone spare him!
What kind of Mummah would be so ruthless?
A BAD Mummah!
Just imagine all the humans she can annoy with it!

Her reaction to getting shit on by that sensitive babbeh was more sane than most fluffies’ reactions to it would be.