Here's Some Random Doodles! (Drawn by Man-Bat-Person-thing)

Hello every person! I drew a whole bunch of doodles while I was bored and decided to post the best of them.

Here’s a fluffy stuck upside down… he has given up on life and now awaits death.

This fluffy just really wants that special place… he demands it…

And this fluffy is having an existential crisis. He has realized that his life is meaningless, and he’s not taking it well…

I tried to just use a drawing pen to make these, and I hope they came out alright.

Let me know what you think, and if I should do more of them :slight_smile:


#3 I find that cartoons help silence the screaming void of nihilism for a little bit.

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“Existence hab nu meanin’. Aww am dust!”


#3 Part of the usual morning ritual… :yawning_face: