Hiveminds (BadLuck)

Yay I’m feeling slighty better now

DISCLAIMER: “Hivemind” does not refer to all users who prefer abuse or hugbox. It refers to those who push their preferences on everyone else and hold similar adamant opinions… aka people who need to grow the fuck up.

I wanted to poke fun at the community itself more in The Meta, but there were a lot of things I couldn’t fit in, so I have concocted a fabulous separate shitpost.


Two sides of the same delusional coin.

Meanwhile everything in between be like.


Love it :heart:


You actually are so mistaken if you think of hugboxers are all like this, I am different REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok, now that that’s out of the way that hugbee is so adorable. Even the abusehornet is cute.

Why are all your fluffies so damn huggable? You made even Bosco look cute.

Curse you Badluck, now I yearn for more Hugbee and Bestes’ Babbeh Nugget with his “Mummah”.


Sadbox hivemind:

And their personality is “crying”.


Im mr Mee-bee look at bee?


I’ve heard them referred to as “punchable” a few times, but huggable is better!


FAF-style lunchbox: “Fluffy personalities ultimately don’t matter; their biology does. Their biology is a double-edged sword: very dangerous for the environment if left in the wild, but very useful (and tasty!) when domesticated and bred for their meat.”


STAHP with the “eating fluffies”, or I’ll send you to hungry horny jail with a comically loud BONK. So help me God, you’re getting SEVEN across the ass!


hey don’t cut yourself on that edge there buddy

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This is just how it is on the internet. You ever been on 4chan? There, it’s just “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!!!” 24/7.


Boxes are for smaller, lesser beings.


I love the bee/hornet fluffies! I’d actually want one as an actual variant. Could you imagine if a honeybee could tell you why their honey production isn’t doing too well? That would change a lot for bee farms! Trained murder hornet fluffies to protect properties from feral fluffies or the favorite tagteam pal of some abusers. Hornets are jerks that like to sting (not really, but they are quick to anger and don’t die after they sting.), but since a bee dies after, they only sting if they have too.

I also love that you can make that many legs look natural! I’ll admit, I’m in awe.

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I consider myself a neutralboxer.
World creation, stories, and art often involves a good deal of suspension of disbelief, but in my opinion things are most enjoyable when multiple people thrive and grow with the exchanging of multiple interpretations and changing dynamics. There is no one way I feel like fluffies gotta be portrayed as, but in that regard, I also feel like fluffies shouldn’t be only a single thing.

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HoW dArE sOmEoNe HaRm A cUtE fLuFfY! tHeY aRe AnGeLs!!!1111!1!1!!

Joking aside, I really don’t like either extreme since fluffies are pretty diverse for stupid tiny rainbow colored horses. I consider myself a hugboxer/neutralboxer since most of the content I made and plan to make is what I consider reasonable hugbox. Where bad things can and will happen, but the main character always get a happy ending.



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Why you do me like that bro?

Why you gotta that to me ?
Giving me even more batshit insane ideas.