Holly Farms: Chanticler [Alpama]

A commission for @GloryKnight ! Chanticler gets a nice happy ending


Chanticleer is an adorable little puff ball and he is going to be a good fluff at the farm.


this punkass motherfucker woke me up 12 minutes late


Absolutely adorable. Love it.

very pretty! I sent you a message via chat :3

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very beautiful the design I like it :grinning:

Really adorable!

The farm animals remind me of the designs for Story of Seasons games.

i have never heard of this game before but it looks like a really cute mix between animal crossing and stardew

I like how his chest fluff looks like a little scarf!

Hm well, I guess I won’t eat him since he is useful

I know he’s an adorable little guy it works both as the comb of a rooster and a little scarf and makes him so cute!

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