Holly Farms Emeralds Colourful Foals; (By GloryKnight & art by CarnivorousDuck)

So last time we decided the fate for Emeralds lovely little babies the smarties and brownies along with in effect how the adorable little Alicorn would handle things.
So meet this lovely group of foals part of that same group of 20!
Ignore the Micro-Jellenheimers those are Holly’s little siblings he’s a Jellenheimer Collector.

So in this art we see the babies playing and here are some notes about the babies there personalities and more so lets decide there fates.

Rudolph the Green Alicorn
An Emerald Green Alicorn with a Rainbow mane he is a happy spunky lot having grown up around fluffies that do not hate Alicorns so he has never seen or suffered from stigmatization from other fluffies.
Rudolph can make his horn glow bright red which he only does when scared.
Rudolph has a fondness for celery. He is risk averse. And yes he is much larger a full 7.5kg more weight then an average fluffy should he get to be full grown.

  • Rudolph is bought by an Alicorn Collector; Hugbox
  • Rudolph is bought by a Breeder Mill; Weirdbox
  • Rudolph is bought by a rich abuser; Abuse
  • Buy Rudolph $5, Comment if you are the first person to take this and Rudolph is yours and his fate is yours for you to decide
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Zelda the White Stripped Earth Pony
Zelda is a favorite of Emeralds she thankfully did not develop best-est babbeh antics unlike some other siblings of hers.
She is a bit ditzy and is bad at blocks which frankly does not say much about most fluffies.
Zelda was the first of Emeralds liter to learn how to use the liter-box and is easy to encourage if prone to outbursts of glee and wild exuberance.
She is allergic to almonds which give her violent flatulence the type of which also comes with swelling and other health risks.

  • Zelda and the Fluff Explosion; Weird + Abuse
  • Zelda and the Micro Biome; Abuse
  • Zelda the Replacement for another; Sadbox
  • Buy Zelda $5. Comment if you are the first person to take this and message me to decide what shall be Zelda’s fate
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Bolt & Wanda
These Neon Green fluffs are an inseparable pair with endless energy positive attitude and a gentle nature.
Bolt & Wanda play together eat and everything. They don’t even want special friends, because they have each other making them great for owners, wishing to avoid having to handle the clean up from babies or other difficulties that can come from this.
Bolt the neon blue male pegasus has a particular fondness for carrots, which Wanda his sister does not like.
Wanda the neon green female pegasus can handle kibble, but she does need it soaked in water or milk, thanks to an incident when they were newborns since there were so many babies. Luckily it has had no further major complications to her ability to live, eat, love and talk.
Both of the fluffies glow in the dark there respective colours and have stripes that glow each others colours under black light.

  • Bought and Seperated; Sadbox
  • Made to Be Each Others Special Friend; Abuse + Weird
  • One’s a Pillow Post Adoption; Abuse + Sadbox
  • New Home New Life; Hugbox
  • The Proposal!; Abuse
  • Buy Bolt & Wanda $5 and decide there fate, comment below and message me so we can see about setting up there ending
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Tigre the Orange-yellow with green stripped fluffy.
Tigre is a bit distant with his siblings but still plays lots with them he just loves cuddly things. He has trouble keeping calm.
He’s the one that is gonna report the knocked over milk bottle to his mom Holly cause he’s a little narc.
Tigre has inherited a trait from his grandmother Midnight, in that he does not speak with Fluffy speak something none of his other siblings have but is hard to sell
In the hands of a good owner he will be a great instructor and teacher of other fluffies and make an excellent dad. Tigre is smart enough to plan, and can play checkers & chess; well not amazing at the later he remembers how all the pieces move how to win and more.
His only major fault is that he still needs a bit of milk with his food, and his mix mash colour combination which is either unique or an eyesore depending on how you look at him.

  • Trained for Chess Fluffy World Champ; Hugbox
  • The Perfect Stallion; Neutralbox
  • Foreman Fluffy; Neutralbox
  • Angry Chess Prodigy or Tigre wins by luck and suffers for it; Abuse
  • Underestimating Abuser and the Runaway Fluffy; Abuse + Neutral Box
  • Buy Tigre $5 and decide his fate, message me for his fate and don’t forget to comment
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Thanks @Carniviousduck for this perfect art of the little guys playing and rampaging around.
So last time we saw how people would react between some extremes.
We had good boys there were Poopy and Bad Smarties with good colours and we saw how that weighed each side of the poll and led to group responses and action.
This time I wanted to give the community something different.
Rather then a binary a plethora of choices for well behaved and decently coloured fluffies, including a buy out option to decide a particular fluffies fate skipping the poll entirely.

So lets see what the results are for these 5 of Emeralds original liter and how shall there fates differ compared to there other siblings.
And remember to stick around to see the fates of other fluffies that are born to Holly Farms.

Just like the last poll this one will close at 100 votes. Or on September 6th. Or once someone selects the buy option


Those two neon fluffs are so beutiful :glee:

Rudolph gives me red flags, hes gonna be bigger so probably has some toughie in him but once he finds out his colors are speical hes gonna think of himself as the best of the best and bestest become smartys real quick, hes gonna be bullying and stomping lesser colored fluffs left right and center once he hears anything negative about him being a “munster” or doesnt get the attention he demands. :concern:

Fate will decide that, and/or something else we will see what happens to the big guy

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Can i buy tiger tho?

Yup you sure can message me here and he will be all yours along with whatever his fate will be :slight_smile:

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I’d like to buy Rudolph, please?

He’s all yours