Holly Farms The Aquatic Change in Foal 12s Life (By GloryKnight & AmbitiousLeather8309

So it turns out the mummah was a dumbie; and did believe 12 when he woke up and said he was her only foal.
Which well a good thing for him, says little for the intelligence of his new mother.
12 Would spend the next five days with this lovely new mother of his, who called him biggest babbeh.
The good boy, turned traumatic survivor, runaway, milkie thief, and cannibal loved this and his new special mummah.
His fluffy was growing back and it was growing in silver and white! Unknown to 12, the diet he was eating was too high in fat; and thus his pigmentation was not coming in properly.

Reaching a river, 12 would learn about his mummah being a bowl fluffy; and she would try to take him across.
Now for a normal Bowl Fluffy, with a normal collection of chirpy-babbehs, she would have no problems. But a mother with a fat gravid biggest babbeh would soon learn that she would have troubles.
12 would squirm and move worried about the wawa on his mummah’s belly.

Troubles in the fat 12 was too big for this sort of thing added to this causing his mummah to rock. A human employee from the local fluff mart was walking the trail near said river. She saw a bowl fluffy in the water, and saw a fat baby in it, when she called out a worried mother and scared 12 would result in a rather sad fate.
Mummah would flip and get swept away; the bowl fluffies fate to be dragged with the currents struggling and flipping about. Getting fresh air for her poor lungs, before her fluff finally dragged her into the murky water.

The fluff mart employee shocked from this rushed and grabbed at the pair but missed the mother saving the foal a cute little one with a silver belly!!

Well the employee would love such a cute foal, she could not take him so she took him to the mart to be put up for adoption.

At a fluff mart 12 would learn the horrors of not having a kind mummah like Holly.
First he was cleaned and treated to make sure he was healthy spend the next week in solitary as he was poked, prodded, stabbed, and injected, worse still all injections he would have gotten a good two weeks before with Holly.
The poor fluffy tired, and traumatized from a week of this would refuse to use the literbox.
After all in the wild he could go when, and where he wanted why would he have to listen to these people, he’d run away and find a new mummah!
Or he’d get a non munstah mummah who would understand were all 12’s thoughts!

And then finally after a week of this he was put in the pen with the mixed behaviour foals… one singular night.
See well a fluffy has a fast digestion system, bones and things take awhile to process. Especially when for most of the last two weeks he had only been drinking milk, or eating kibble with milk formula.
Finally a tired and constipated little 12 let out the loudest nastiest smelling, and biggest shit. A full 2 pounds of fecal matter, erupted from him like a shotgun exploding out of his backend.
The late night employees witnessed the horror show, as he did this in the middle of the pen. But not only that a collection of 6 new born foal skeletons half digested, erupted from him in the gory mess.

12 had eaten foals and all the other fluffies in the store knew it.
Not only did they know it so did the store employees including the one that saw him… and thus his name on adoption forms was written T-Wyrm(or Tapewyrm for the staffers)
He was a poopie baby, a cannibal, and would not use the literbox. At this point he was a true shit rat.
The staffers diapered him included he needed extra training and tossed him to the pen with the other poopie fluffies.

These other brown fluffies did not take well to the intruder one who was a baby nummer.
One who was a bad poopy who needed a diaper. Or would shriek when pretty Ms.Holly was on Fluffy TV!!!
T-Wyrm was hated, attacked, abused and treated like shit.

And that is where he is in a Fluff Mart awaiting adoption.
With no other fluffies to play with, no friends, bruised, and viewed as the monster he is.

Little 12’s story is not done quite yet though see he could still be adopted I wonder what fate awaits him in the next arc.


So he is:

An undesirable color

Eats babies

Shits all over the place and is a diaper baby, and is shit on in turn

Does he have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY? Pictures of Fluffmart’s CEO cheating on his wife with a circus clown? Goddamn I wanna adopt him and take him to Vegas, he’s got to be oozing with good luck or something to not already be cozying up in the nearest incinerator.

That’s not criticism either, I’m just really amused lol!


Being maligned by those who think they are better than you is one thing. Being maligned by those in the same position as you is even worse.

Not that the little cannibal cunt doesn’t deserve it.

I’m gonna suggest not giving him to an abuser, I say let him get taken in by a hugboxer who genuinely wants to give him a better life and have Twyrm STILL fuck it up somehow because he doesn’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

An undesirable colour that when they rescued him thought he was a bowl-fluff so rarity to make up for it and with a ‘silver belly’ which went away after getting proper food.

At which point they had already spent like 50+ bucks on shots and other medicine on him.
Also they still think he’s a bowl fluff cause to check that you got to put them in water or x-ray him. So he’d still be super valuable to a breeder with all of these faults.
But yeah its a combination of the employees not wanting to risk losing a rare foal, luck, and this fluff mart has a special policy (All fluffies that would be killed are transported to a different store or to the local fast food retailers if they are under 8 months, unless they are dying say from an injury etc.)

Also thankyou, I want Foal 12’s life to be a mix of tragic but deserved punishments.
He runs away gets enfied, leading to the herd getting killed(they were a bad herd but still directly his fault).
He steals a mummah eats her babies and causes her to drown leading to him being ostracized, bullied and treated terribly all because possible rarity.

Oh I love that idea but the next chapter is about how the Fluff Mart employees treat him