Holly Farms the Continuing Adventures of Foal 12 (By GloryKnight and CarnivorusDuck)

12 Got away through the fence escaping from Holly for fear she would do the same to him as she did to 11.
Sadly for them they were not a feral and had no real way to survive on there own.

Finding a nice herd he joined them well they rested but the little foal not even off milkies decided that the mommy had more then enough to share with her foals and him.

Now this upset the little chirpee babies of the and the mummah so after getting sorry hooves he was punished as an enfie baby.

The good news after a few days of this he slipped away from it turned out to be a mean herd(find out what happens when the herd breaks onto the Farm later)

Twelve though escaped and ran hoping for safety his suffering is far from over though


On the one hand I can’t condone a demonic beast ass-fucking a kid.

On the other hand, you can’t really decide ‘Oh you have enough milk, I’m just gonna nick some’ without asking.

Knowing Fluffy Luck, dude’s not done getting ass-fucked yet. Literally or metaphorically.


It’s a fluffy pony. I promise you, it either has done or was eventually going to do something to deserve it.

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He is gonna have a cavalcade of suffering.
And this won’t be his only theft

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He is a poopie so he deserves what he gets regardless.

But hes also a miwkie thief so now i get to say it with confidence :blush:

(Thats a wicked horn on that chirpy btw (he would make a excellent tooth pick!)


His future is a bleak one

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Tis but the start of the depravity

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