Holly Farms the Continuing Adventures of Foal 12 Late Night Snack (By GloryKnight and CarnivorusDuck)

Hurt from a combination of bad enfies, the sand paper and tired from avoiding the nasty herd, and his old herd little 12 is exhausted.
His little body is tired and he sneaks away to safety, through the same hole he last left from.
Luckily for him he finds a nice bowl mare,(from the same herd he stole milk from and then led back to Holly’s home) even more luckily, she had not seen the bad poopie baby but he saw her.
Nice mare could be his new mommy!
An obvious solution really… but there was just one problem.
He would get hurt and be called a milkie thief should he try that with these other foals around!
Well little 12 is hungry, and needs to hide the other foals; so his new mummah will think he’s her only, thus best baby!!

One long evening 12 sneaks up and smashes and eats up the collection of 5 rare foals.
Any breeder worth there salt would scream and gnash there teeth roar and rage. 2 Alicorns, 2 Bowl-Fluffs, and a Unicorn with a glowing horn.
The horrid deed done the injured foal got some milk to wash down the babies and then went to sleep on his new mummah’s tummy bowl.

For now 12 will rest and sleep and recover from his injuries but he’s not only done one bad thing but many and his actions are slowly piling up.


This bitch deaf or what bitch your babies are getting eaten I can understand one but all five damn get the potatoes out your ears



More desperate, hungry fluffies need to steal babies to num.


:poop: :poopies: Wasn’t sure which was more applicable to that.

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She’s exhausted from giving birth and her herd left her there so tired/hungry
and they are literally day old foals so not even full cherpee’s yet

It is a survival strategy

He’s not having a good one yeah the runaway from a good home treated poorly and causing destruction

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Little dude went from zero to infant cannibalism real fucking quick.

Like I get desperation but he didn’t even hesitate


… - plays under takers theme song - sorry lil guy but its time die … although you don’t have a soul so there is no rest in peace for ya ~

Aaaaaand hes dead, this is why we break all the teeth out of the poopie nummer, by the time hes struggles trying to swallow it whole mummah would of woke up and stomped him into atoms.

Yet again we see that poopies deserve nothing.

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Well yeah last time he stole milkies he got enfied for several hours by all the herds stallions. This is a new mummah and he needs a mummah.
He’s a fluffy foal suffering the trauma from what happened with Holly barely survived a day in the woods, then spent the next day being enfied, and the 3rd day ran home only for more horrible pain reaffirming his earlier fear.
The little dude is a PTSD sandwich

Oh he sadly has a far longer life ahead of him then that after all. Also he was smart and smashed the babies so they wouldn’t make noises well he ate them… smart by fluffy standard and didn’t just try and make friends.

Fun fact For Everyone
Had 12 been the one to get absolutely destroyed by the tennis racket and not 11. 11 would have hugged Holly and said it is ok mummah accident.
And thus why it had to be 11 for this to happen.

He’s so much bigger than the other foals. He’s almost the size of an adult fluffy. How is she going to think that he’s just one of her newborn foals? And he’s too old to be drinking milk anyway.

So scaling wise I go with newborns are between 4oz and 24oz or 1/4 a pound to 1.5 pounds.
Bigger litters mean the mother has small foals is the long and short of it.

Twelve, here is a Tawkie Babie/Exploring baby so he’s able to handle them just because at 5 pounds he is 20 times there size in weight.
He’s also only on that cusp of being a Tawkie and Holly was getting them onto a mix of milk and kibble.
So he knows milkies are food, and that fluffies can be noms from breadfluffies so yeah.

Also he’s desperate.
As for the mare she just gave birth and went to sleep from exhaustion she just knew she had a biggest baby poopeh so when she wakes up she is gonna see a big baby

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I love the trope of “stealing and eating someones babys because you’re love deprived”

That is a trope now yes